This is what I've been working on lately.

Podcasts for friends and family

Personal podcasting is a great way to connect with groups of friends and family. Tell stories and express yourself in a private feed.

Zoom Earth

Near Real-Time Satellite Images in a lightning fast interface.

Researchers say it is the first time such skill has been shown outside of humans and great apes

Critics suggested the Trump administration is more concerned with managing the optics of the outbreak, rather than the outbreak itself.

NYC Transit Explorer

The NYC Transit Explorer demo shows you how long it takes to get everywhere in your city using public transportation. It also helps you game out different scenarios. Which areas are easier to get to from Point A vs. Point B? Which areas are harder to get to late at night? How much harder will it be for me to get around without the L train?

The next game from Rock Band and Dance Central developer Harmonix is more about mixing music than making it. Called Fuser, the NCsoft-published game lets players explore the fantasy of being a DJ at a massive music festival. But unlike other Harmonix music games, being a DJ hero in Fuser doesn’t require a special controller, just a standard gamepad.

US-based Firefox users get encrypted DNS lookups today or within a few weeks.

Source code, schematics and board design for Mutable Instruments' Eurorack modules.

Diabetes is characterized by trouble producing or managing insulin, and one emerging treatment involves converting stem cells into beta cells that secrete the hormone. Now, scientists have developed a more efficient method of doing just that, and found that implanting these cells in diabetic mice…

Self-driving AI sends shivers through traditional supply chains

A new bendable supercapacitor made from graphene, which charges quickly and safely stores a record-high level of energy for use over a long period, has been developed and demonstrated by UCL and Chinese Academy of Sciences researchers.

Everything you do online when you're signed into Google, and even some stuff when you aren't, becomes a part of your Google profile, but you can wipe the slate clean with these steps.

Employment is thought to be more enjoyable and beneficial to individuals and society when there is alignment between the person and the occupation, but a key question is how to best match people with the right profession. The information that people broadcast online through social media provides insights into who they are, which we show can be used to match people and occupations. Findings have implications for career guidance for new graduates, disengaged employees, career changers, and the unemployed.

Tesla claims it can yank features from even used cars

The World Health Organization calls for moves to stop the virus spreading to vulnerable countries.