replaces it with porn  
Imagine you're giving a presentation to the board of directors at your company. You have your PowerPoint slides all ready, you're projecting onto a 64 inch screen... what could possibly go wrong?  
Well, what would you do if your carefully composed presentation was replaced on the big screen by images of a naked woman? My guess is that you wouldn't know where to put your laser pointer..
sorbyl: My admiration to this guy/girl  
It serves them right when they dismiss an obviously highly capable employee (probably so that the boss can give a job to one of his toady friends)  
There are always consequences to every action
Dyskolos: /me distracts Sorbyl and replaces his presentation with gym socks, Limburger cheese, and a copy of the results of Paris Hilton's pelvic exam
beaglebot: People regularly get fired for cause. Given that this was his response, and he worked at some place that deals with substance abuse maybe there was an ethics problem. That you applaud something like that makes me hope you are never near any kind of sensitive data of mine.
beaglebot: Oh, and you're right that there are consequences for every action. In this case Powell, the Ex IT manager not only gets a record for doing this, he's pretty much made sure he will never work as an IT manager again,
Re Re Hero
sorbyl: Ok lets gets some rationality here  
First off the company in question  
Baltimore Substance Abuse System Inc  
One has to question the ethics of a company that seeks to profit from the misery of substance abuse.  
The next question is why did they not secure their systems to prevent this kind of vandalism?  
Answer, because they have a set of pig headed directors who all assume they are computer gurus  
and do cost cutting exercises on the company's network security despite all advice from the people they employ  
Push slightly too hard and you're out  
Been there, done it, got the T shirt  
reapre: I think we're reading too much into it, each of you. It's just an interesting incident. No need to champion it as analogous to any of our own pet injustices.
FoolProof: Werd. Too many unknowns anyway.
beaglebot: Since that was kinda my point I obviously did a piss poor job of making it.
sorbyl: You are correct reapre  
I apologise unreservedly for any offence I may have caused