We take it for granted that our hair dryers won't send us to the emergency room and our toothbrushes won't make us go numb. Unfortunately, the same can't be said about sex toys.  
It's entirely possible that someone's favorite cyclotron vibrator can shell-shock nerves, penis rings might lead to a grievous case of penile gangrene or those little vibrating beads could slip upstream and become tragicomically lost in bodily cavities while still in the "on" position.  
Not only is it possible, it happens. Yet the same manufacturers go on making the same poorly designed sex toys, and people go on using them in the same poorly informed ways. Education and regulatory oversight are in short supply.  
Plus, there's the whole "Who, me?" issue.
Sex Toy Emergency
Lisa: Uhh...Mr. Smithers do you mind if we go ahead of you my brother's badly hurt.  
Mr. Smithers: [the only person who is standing in Dr. Nick's waiting room]: No I'd really like to take care of this.