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The worlds largest gathering of hacktivists is growing fast. This is a worldwide social network of individuals with passions. Find the hidden truth of time + reality and experience full=fillment.  
Send your advocacy event to them and they will host it for you (no charge) in their worldwide social network of millions of users.  
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After spending more than a year attacking the Bush administration daily for their supposed failure to produce the WMDs that everyone -- including the United Nations, as well as most leading Democrats -- believed Saddam had hidden, the Left has suddenly gone strangely silent on the subject. The "mainstream" media has been tiptoeing around the discovery of a 155-mm mortar shell containing Sarin gas in Iraq, the contents of which have been confirmed.  
Why isn't this on CNN or on the front pages of newspapers?
This is just ridiculous. Three year old CouchSurfing, a beloved service used by some 90,000 members, had multiple database crashes, critical parts of the software and data were irretrievably lost, and the backups weren’t performed properly. They are not rebuilding the service. They literally put themselves out of business.
An American's Guide to Canada was written by an American who has been living in Canada since 1992. It contains such interesting trivia as: "The CBC's evening news anchor is bald and doesn't wear a toupee."
For anyone who is Brian May or an Astronomy fan then Brian mays soapbox is must a read.
IE problem?
I have old computer, 128mg, and 20 uummm gigglybits i think. i aint no pc geek.  
i've had some blue screen messages and the pc freezing. which seem to have corrected themselves, my main problem now is that i cannot log to linkfilter or a bass guitar forum i go to. well thats not quite right. i logged on here earlier, lf said my password was invalid and would mail me another one. that worked for about two minutes. lf logged me out. thats whats been happening to me, so i had think, which hurt a bit and thought about downloading firefox to see what would happen. bonanza! no eureka! no more log on problems.which of course leads me to belive its an internet explorer problem. but what i don't know. but using firefox to post is bit of a nightmare in that i cant find out how to minimize the page, perhaps someone could put me right.
Here is a good effort at promoting freemasonry through regular podcast aimed at educating freemasons, non-freemasons and anti-masons, alike. As podcaster Eric Diamond puts it:  
X-Oriente (Ex Oriente) means "From the East." X-Oriente is a half-hour Podcast (MP3) dedicated to those Freemasons who are young (and young at heart). X-Oriente seeks to inform, inspire, entertain and challenge you. Each issue will be packed with news, discussion, ideas, tools and interviews with Freemasons who are making a difference.
Three Florida teenagers recently pleaded not guilty to the brutal beatings and in one case, death, of homeless men. One of the beatings was caught on surveillance video and in a most chilling way illustrates how people can degrade socially outcast individuals, enough to engage in mockery, physical abuse, and even murder. According to new research, the brain processes social outsiders as less than human; brain imaging provides accurate depictions of this prejudice at an unconscious level.  
A new study by Princeton University psychology researchers Lasana Harris and Susan Fiske shows that when viewing photographs of social out-groups, people respond to them with disgust, not a feeling of fellow humanity. The findings are reported in the article "Dehumanizing the Lowest of the Low: Neuro-imaging responses to Extreme Outgroups" in a forthcoming issue of Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science (previously the American Psychological Society).
For most people on the planet, the term "psychopath" evokes thoughts of violence and bloodshed - and evil of the darkest kind.  
But during 25 years, a psychologist at the University of Wisconsin-Madison has built a body of work that may help temper such deeply ingrained perceptions.  
Sure, people do commit horrific, unimaginable crimes. But does that automatically mean they are psychopathic? And what is "psychopathy" anyway? With unique research access to prison inmate populations in Wisconsin, Joseph Newman has devoted his career to answering such questions.
You've heard of the placebo effect, in which someone taking a dummy pill feels better. The effect is reaffirmed by new research that reviewed 21 studies involving more than 46,000 participants altogether. But the conclusion is not just that the power of positive thinking is at work, as other studies have shown.  
Rather, taking medicine regularly and properly may indicate a person's overall tactical approach to health.  
People who take their medicine regularly, even if it's a placebo, have a lower risk of death than those who don't, researchers report in this week's issue of the British Medical Journal. In fact, the risk of mortality was about half that of participants with poor adherence. The reason may be that people who are good about taking their medicine are better overall at maintaining healthy behavior, the researchers write. It's also possible that people who fail to take their medicine have some other underlying condition such as depression, which can affect overall health.
One need only peruse through some of the approximately 1,000 cases upon which the Justice Department has acted since the Voting Rights Act was last renewed in 1982 to find plenty that has kept the department's attorneys busy.  
In 2001, for example, the all-white board of aldermen in Kilmichael, Miss., canceled the town's local elections three weeks before Election Day, as it was becoming apparent the town's first black mayor and council members might be elected. The aldermen, elected at large, wanted the delay so they could re-map the town into districts, which would have protected seats held by whites. The Justice Department rejected the change.  
more on the kilmichael, miss. incident
K-NFB, a portable device that scans any available text and reads it back to visually impaired people, will be on sale in the UK by July of 2006. The device was developed by Ray Kurzweil (link goes to more information on him).  
The device takes a few seconds to process the image; when processing is done, it reads the text aloud. The device comes with a set of earbuds, although it is also equipped with Bluetooth to make use of other devices.
Pets always welcome treats, but their owners may be putting themselves at risk of developing salmonella infection by handling beef or seafood snacks contaminated with the bacteria.  
So warned the authors of a report issued Thursday by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  
The CDC study outlined nine cases of pet owners becoming sick with a specific type of infection, called Salmonella Thompson, in 2004 and 2005, after handling pet treats from two different manufacturers, one in the state of Washington and the other in British Columbia, Canada.
Singing Lessons
Everyone knows that birds sing. Many people know that some species of whales sing. But did you know that bats and mice sing? Or that some animals produce songs by instinct, while others learn their songs from their parents? Biologists, neurobiologists, psychiatrists, speech therapists, and others are delving into the secrets of learned singing. What they are discovering is illuminating the workings of the brains of birds and humans, and may eventually lead to new treatments for human speech disorders and learning disabilities.
The men arrested for planning a series of attacks from the Sears Tower to FBI buildings had one goal.  
Nope, not for us to leave the Mideast.  
To overthrow the government and set up an Islamic regime.