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Beer in secondary 4/30/07 12:30
OG 1076  
Gravity reading at 1019.8 when transfered to secondary. Low activity but enough to clear out the 02.  
Sample tasted fine, the 6 weeks in the secondary will do it good.
cURL and libcurl
cURL groks URLs  
curl is a command line tool for transferring files with URL syntax, supporting FTP, FTPS, HTTP, HTTPS, SCP, SFTP, TFTP, TELNET, DICT, FILE and LDAP. curl supports SSL certificates, HTTP POST, HTTP PUT, FTP uploading, HTTP form based upload, proxies, cookies, user+password authentication (Basic, Digest, NTLM, Negotiate, kerberos...), file transfer resume, proxy tunneling and a busload of other useful tricks.
More awsomeness
There's a sign on the first floor of my building saying that soliciting is not allowed. There's a sign on the front counter of my office that says 'no soliciting'. This lady comes in here trying to solicit and she actually says, "I know there's a sign that says No Soliciting, but..."....  
'Uh, yeah, all day long it says that. Could you please leave?'  
"Well, you don't have to be rude!"  
'I wasn't trying to, but there's a sign in the lobby on the first floor that specifically says no soliciting'  
"Yeah, I saw it"  
'Good! Now please leave. Have a nice day.'  
I know I'm being a bit 'sensitive' here, but fsking kresto!! *shakes head*  
The Way We Age Now
Medicine has increased the ranks of the elderly. Can it make old age any easier?  
Why we age is the subject of vigorous debate. The classical view is that aging happens because of random wear and tear. A newer view holds that aging is more orderly and genetically driven. Proponents of this view point out that animals of similar species and exposure to wear and tear have markedly different life spans. The Canada goose has a longevity of 23.5 years; the emperor goose only 6.3 years. Perhaps animals are like plants, with lives that are, to a large extent, internally governed. Certain species of bamboo, for instance, form a dense stand that grows and flourishes for a hundred years, flowers all at once, and then dies.  
The idea that living things shut down and not just wear down has received substantial support in the past decade...
By Atul Gawande.  
[cc: blinded by science]
Field Day
is tomorree. All day. Whee!
Keb' Mo'
Kevin Moore, aka Keb' Mo', manages to stay true to Delta blues roots while sounding contemporary. Check out the samples.
If you’re looking for a quick memory fix, move your eyes from side-to-side for 30 seconds, researchers say.  
Horizontal eye movements are thought to cause the two hemispheres of the brain to interact more with one another, and communication between brain hemispheres is important for retrieving certain types of memories.  
Previous studies have suggested that horizontal eye movements improve how well people recall specific words they have just seen. But Andrew Parker and his colleagues at Manchester Metropolitan University in England wanted to know whether such eye movements might also help people recognize words they have just seen...
An amusing moment today
A girl across from me in the computer lab sneezed. I say "Geusuntiet" and she says "Thank you, but I really should say 'danke.'"  
Then I noticed she's studying German (as per her yellow bounded German-English dictionary and such). So ha at my political correctness.
So, I had to fire my admin because showing up to work wasn't important to them. So now I'm in the process of going thru resumes and calling people to set up interviews.  
I received a resume today from a lady. I liked it, so instead of just deleting it like I do with most of the others, I printed it out so my boss could look at it. 20 minutes later, I get this shitty email from the same person demanding to know why I had deleted her resume without reading it. Eh? Obviously she's got Outlook, and it gave her wrong information. So I replied back with "Well, I liked your resume and I printed out to give to my boss but after that rude response, it's now in the trash". WTF? Why on earth would I want to hire someone as pushy and rude as that?  
She replied with a majorly shitty email, threatening to call my corporate office and complain about my unprofessionalism . Eh? 10 minutes later, she calls me. I tell her that I in no way was trying to be rude, apologized, and told her that I would call her for an interview if the need arised. She still demanded to talk to someone, so I put her thru to my boss's VM.  
I told my boss the story, and she listened to the VM rolled her eyes, and laughed.  
People are crazy.
Music legend Peter Gabriel has joined forces with technology entrepreneur Steve Purdham and financial authority John Taysom, to launch We7 which is currently in beta, with the dynamic download service launching at the beginning of June.  
Advertising attached to the music will ensure that artists receive royalties for making their songs available, whilst consumers will receive and share DRM-free music legitimately.  
We7 works by dynamically 'grafting' ads onto the front of music tracks and albums based on a consumer's personal demographics such as age, location and gender and can be extended into personal preferences.  
If consumers want a track with no ad, there’s an option to buy the track at normal price, however if they want a track that is free, legal and their favourite artist gets rewarded, then We7 add a short advert. Ads don’t remain attached to the tracks forever - after a period of time users will have the choice to have the track ad-free...
Meet Google's culture czar
Google was ranked by Fortune magazine as the best place in the US to work, and it has reached another zenith by becoming the most popular Web site. It's even become a verb in the dictionary.  
And it may even have started a new trend by creating a job that carries the title "chief culture officer." Stacy Savides Sullivan is that person at Google.  
Sullivan's mission is simple: retain the company's unique culture and keep the Googlers happy. In an exclusive interview, she tells ZDNet Australia sister site CNET how she does just that.
Arizona public records are becoming more accessible as Google taps into online records that, until now, have never popped up in search engine results.  
Checking out a real estate agent? When you type a name into a search engine, among the results soon will be licensing information from the Arizona Department of Real Estate's Web site.  
Those records previously were available only by searching within the department's site.  
cc: the wired
Click for a demonstration:  
* Commodore  
* Splat  
* CLI  
* CLI2  
* Conventional  
All of these themes except "Conventional" which is a hack of Classic can be found on  
Posted mostly due to the incredible c64 theme. You even type in your commands!
The giant Galapagos tortoise that became a conservation icon when it appeared he was the last of his kind is not so alone after all.  
"Lonesome George" was thought to be the only survivor of a tortoise species native to the isle of Pinta.  
Now, the journal Current Biology reports the discovery of a hybrid - the offspring from the union of a Pinta tortoise and another island species.  
The "new" animal thus shares about half its genes in common with George.
Cannabis 'disrupts brain centre'
Scientists have shown how cannabis may trigger psychotic illnesses such as schizophrenia.  
A King's College London team gave healthy volunteers the active ingredient tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).  
They then recorded reduced activity in an area of the brain which keeps inappropriate thoughts at bay.