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Centralised DoH is currently a privacy net negative since anyone that could see your metadata can still see your metadata when DNS is moved to a third party. Additionally, that third party then gets a complete log per device of all DNS queries, in a way that can even be tracked across IP addresses.

Take one step back from the brink of full privacy violation by stopping Facebook from scanning for your face.

Track This

This Firefox tool opens up a 100 tabs (in any browser) and feeds ad trackers a bunch of garbage info that makes it harder for them to pin you down. It's not entirely clear that this is a meaningful thing to do, but it's a great way to demonstrate what trackers are capable of.

"Bridgefy is a developer-friendly SDK that can be easily integrated into Android and iOS mobile apps to make them work without Internet. Companies increase engagement by letting people use their apps when they previously couldn't."

This is becoming rather popular in Hong Kong, lately. Ad-hoc mesh network over Bluetooth. Direct messages are encrypted, but Bridgefy also has a broadcast feature which is unencrypted and open audience.

The Bridgefy messaging app for iOS and Android can be found here:

A solid, deep blocker that can operate at the browser, OS, and network level. It's configurable without being complicated and has served me well on my Mac running Safari.

Apple messed up pretty badly with Siri and privacy. It does seem to be a mistake, though. And Apple's privacy at its worst is still better than everyone else's at its best.

They appear to have made the necessary corrections, leaving no ambiguity in their explanation.

Blocking cookies is bad for privacy. That’s the new disingenuous argument from Google, trying to justify why Chrome is so far behind Safari and Firefox in offering privacy protections.

Researchers Jonathan Mayer and Arvind Narayanan, who have spent over a decade studying web tracking and online advertising, set the record straight.

Jumbo is an iOS app that audits and fixes privacy issues across a wide range of apps and services. It does so without collecting your data or even knowing who you are.

It's very convenient and satisfying to use.

Duck Duck Go

An excellent search engine that also happens to be deeply dedicated to privacy. It's been my default search for a decade.