Commonality of COVID-19 symptoms (via Our World in Data)

“What should happen in a society run by tyrants, where the people are oppressed and wanting? Is it morally supportable to take what you need by force or stealth? Do the ends justify the means?

There are few better movies to frame these important questions than the 1973 Disney cartoon version of “Robin Hood.” Compared with modern Disney films, which are dominated by the self-absorption and eventual self-discovery of their main characters, “Robin Hood” offers surprisingly stark and interesting social questions. The message is of course softened by the fact that Robin Hood is a talking fox and the mean sheriff is a bear. But still — the questions hang there to pluck and discuss.”

The Virtual Production of The Mandalorian, Season One
A quick edit of the Bang-Bang Bar scene from Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me designed to showcase the house band. [NSFW]