DJ Mixes
Continuous mixes of a musical nature.

Tech and deep house with other stuff mixed in. 6.5 hours!

Crack Mix 331: Ziúr

"Abrasive, hard, but never gratuitously unpleasant."

Says Claude:

"My set is very much an old-school style DJ set, all music no-one’s heard before, special versions, secret edits, all the stuff I’ve been saving just for this performance. It seems crazy to release a mix album in today’s world, but the amount of incredible original music I have collected from both known and unknown producers will make this something people can get really excited about.”

Of course, this mix is a couple of years old...

Spotify version of my 13 hour mix from last summer's Country Club. It vacillates between zero BPM ambient stuff and mostly mellow beats. It's highly compatible with Spotify's crossfade functionality. It'll work in the background, but it's designed to hold your attention.


Middath – The Jam

Infinity Ink – Too Strong (Radio Slave Remix)

Alex Kennon – The Lover

Raumakustik – Animal

Federico Grazzini – Purple Fur

Pete Graham & Marc Spence – Culture

Dennis Cruz – Insane

Cour T. – Joke Jungle

Frankly Watts & Steady Rock – Ghetto Freestyle

Gettoblaster ft. Fuzzy Cufflinxx – Excited

Claude VonStroKE & ZDS ft. KE – Comments

Psychemagik – Rattlesnake

Dennis Quin – Twerkolater


Emery Warman – Bonesaw

David Keno – Resonate

A delightful 2:30AM PolkaTech set. It's got the Meso Creso vibe, but it's way more fun.

I just blasted this at my block party. It's so left-field that it kinda swings back around and becomes a crowd pleaser.

43 track A/V set (visuals by Weirdcore) featuring rare and unreleased material from Aphex Twin and affiliated monikers. On stage is a laptop, a modular synth, a 909, and a mysterious second person who is possibly his wife.

Nowadays mostly notices and recordings of podcast mixes; but if you go back into the Archives you'll find more posts of old and rare jungle tracks from the 90's.

130 minutes of deep house and techno.

A full set of experimental drum and bass from BBC 1's B. Traits.

2015 mix featuring tracks from Drumsound, Bassline Smith, Hamilton, Noisia, Friction, Dimension, Impak, and more.

Two hours of bass house from Disorient sound guru Charlie Funk.