Eurorack Modular
Slinging the hottest Eurorack modular synthesizer ‘tent.

A quasi-monthly podcast about modular synths, music gear, and related garbage. Hosted by Dave 8cylinder, Nick Vasculator, and Greg VanEck.

It's a loose, knowledgable, and current conversation, and the most enjoyable listen I've found on this topic.

Source code, schematics and board design for Mutable Instruments' Eurorack modules.

I'm constantly amazed at the quantity, quality, and price of these compact modules and the speed with which they are shipped to the U.S.

They're loved and respected, but not very popular, possibly because they're available only through this site.

I'm particularly fond of my Composer N and Composer G modules. I'll order another set of those sooner or later.

Erica Synths' Girts Ozolins on creativity and experimentation

Nikol Štrobach explains how to duck or side-chain using envelopes, VCAs, and inverters.

An all-analog distortion and lowpass filter with an internal envelope follower and self-modulating cutoff. And it's significantly smaller than the thing I'm replacing, so I get all this awesomeness and extra space in my rack.


Watch the video at the link. It sounds so good!

Watch and listen to eight racked clocks create synchronized rhythms. It's pretty hypnotic. More info here.

Browse the whole site for more truly unique devices.

The Erbe-Verb is a deep module, but, despite it technically being a reverb module, it's really not designed to be used as an end-of-chain effect. It can do that really well, but it's much better utilized as an open-ended tool that can work anywhere in a patch.

DivKid explores a lot of that in this video and shows how much more there is to explore.

Only 100 humans have a Moog Subharmonicon, so someone took a stab at mimicking it using the ever-present Make Noise Maths. Not too shabby.

Pod Mod talks with the duo behind Seattle modular synthesizer company Noise Engineering and touches on topics as varied as product naming, endangered animals, and the ladies of modular.

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Worng's modules are exciting because, among other things, they serve as a reminder that there's still plenty of unexplored territory in the Eurorack space. I'm particularly excited by this module because it allows you to create a complex soundstage in realtime, which should really open up improvised live performances.

The definite place for discussions of modular synthesis and modular synthesizers.