what was the first time you *had* to have a "cool" item as a kid?
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comment please.
a shirt? a hat? shoes? an album?
The first I remember
"beatle boots" 1964  
My parents forbid anything that even hinted at "fashion".  
I never got them.
FuzzyDave: I wanted a pair of round Lennon specs, but since we were a military family, my dad would only pay for the cheap-ass frames available at the PX.  
Finally, when I was old enough to go out and earn money on my own, I saved up and bought my own.
atomicgal: Second grade. Designer jeans. Any designer jeans. Gloria Vanderbilt. Sassoon. Jordache. How I wanted them!!!  
Alas...mom would not, could not pay the prices they demanded.  
And so, as an industrious child and not one to be left out - or at least, not laughed at, I fashioned my own pair by snipping the label off of my Sears-bought Toughskins.
8 or 9
Novelhead: I remember when I was like 8 or 9 I got into this big argument with my mom... I kept whining for weeks: "But mom, all the OTHER kids have Prince Alberts!"  
cornpone: the end of third grade. parachute pants. the most incredible article of clothing i had ever seen. my granma bought me a pair over the summer break, just in time for the start of fourth grade.
I really wanted
Psychomike: The James Bond attache case. Never got it.
ortenzia caviglia: I really wanted the Brooke Shields makeup mannequin. "Brooke Shields is a beautiful doll, la, la, la, la, la..."
dwharbin: When I was 16,,,had to have a pair of Colorado's hiking boots, or as they were refered to then "Head Boots"
fb-: Hypercolor shirt.
cornpone: fb-, those horrid things were never cool.