Ever had a birth control accident?
Yes, the condom broke.
Yes, we didn't use any.
Yes, the diaphragm tore.
Yes, the condom fell off.
Yes, I forgot to take a pill.
Yes, another kind (please specify in a comment)
Other (please comment)
and thank god....
r03: ...my little Evelyn is the best mistake I have ever made.
jtown: A friend did. "I pulled out every time!" And that was just a few months after another friend had a close call using the very same logic. (And, yes, the second guy knew about the first guy's experience.) Sex makes otherwise intelligent people stupid.
Novelhead: I had a birth control accident. I accidentily left a box of condoms in my girlfriend's parents' bedroom. (Not my idea to do it in there... She wanted to try it on her parents' waterbed.)  
Needless to say, they weren't happy. Her parents hated me before, but they really, really hated me when they found out I was bouncy bouncy with their daughter.  
Her parents told her she had to break up with me or they wouldn't pay for her to go to college... So, needless to say, she dumped me shortly thereafter. Sad thing is, it wasn't even a real college... It was a damn beauty school.  
ortenzia caviglia: hahahahahahahahahahaaha funny on so many levels.
I had a similar accident, involving only the wrapper from a prophylactic. I was doinking my roommate's ex-girlfriend, but didn't really want him to know about it. I had intended to talk to him about the whole thing first, but you know...it turns out I didn't have time.  
So anyway, I went to take a shower, and as I was getting out, I realized that there was a distinct possibility that I had forgotten to close the door to my room. In a panic, I ran out of the bathroom to discover...my roommate standing in the hall looking into my room. I ran over and closed the door, but it was too late.  
"Dude," he said, "what's up with you screwing D---?"  
"Screwing?" I replied, lying my ass off, "We were just talking, man."  
"Oh, yeah?" he came back, "then why is there an open condom wrapper on the floor in your room?"  
"What, are you my dad?" I replied, offended to my core.  
I'm still not really sure what I meant by that, but I was clearly in the wrong, and I should have immediately apologized. Everyone I told about the altercation seemed to take my side, though, and by the end of the day, he came up and apologized to me. He moved out not long after that, but we did manage to remain friends for quite a long time.