As a Black Man are you offended by the word Whigger?
Posted by bear 14 years ago, closed 14 years ago
I'm a gay man and a gay journalist
LinusMines: I guess the word might be OK if the N-bomb itself could ever be defused. I don't think it's gotten to that point in society--its use swings too often between endearment and aggression--and with its loaded history, I don't think it ever really will.  
There's a larger idea suggested by the term whigger...that by assimilating aspects of another's culture, a segment of the populace is open to definition in strictly racial terms. Suggesting that a black man who doesn't engage in street slang is trying to "act white" is as silly as saying that a white man playing jazz is trying to "play black". Sure, there are cheesy exceptions to the rules (just watch TV some prime-time evening), but history is full of instances of one culture influencing another without causing diminution of either.  
So in that aspect, the term's purpose seems to be to set apart someone for drawing from aspects of popular culture in order to define themselves. If someone wants to take social cues from another's culture, they're free to do so, as long as it brings them closer to the comfort level they seek. That act itself can be marginalizing sometimes (try being a big baller in the Bible Belt, I'm guessing), but that's a price paid for finding and shaping our individual selves.  
Bottom line...that term is going to get tossed around, regardless of what I think. I personally don't think it flavors the stew all that well.
bear: white ppl play jazz? oh yeah kenny g
LinusMines: The "G" stands for GAAAAAAHHHH!!!!
clu: the term "whigger" might just be the most offensive word ever conceived. It's offensive to both white and black people (it's basically a play off of the N-word). I'll just stick to terms like honkey and cracker.
cornpone: agreeamication to the fullest extent of agreeafied.