ultrafastx and agent honeydew's car has been damaged by other drivers three times in the past four and one half months. They should start...
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installing weaponry on their car
installing armor on their car
killing random drivers that look at them wrong
move out of town
nuke the whole city
all of the above
installing weaponry on their car
bear: I just watched death race 2000, cool idea!
fabulon7: I love that movie.
lease brother
pdxpogo: lease. pay for the $50 deductible policy. Take more buses???
ultrafastx: too late to lease. we just bought this car.  
I hear you about the deductible, though. But I don't want so many things on my insurance record that my payment is sky high.  
And I already take the bus! We only put like 10 miles a day on the car. It'd probably be safer if we had a 40 minute highway commute.  
bear: I don't know the situation, but could one of you just be a bad driver?
ortenzia caviglia: ROTFLMAO!
ultrafastx: No. We both had near-perfect records (a single speeding ticket a piece in the last 9 years, no accidents) up until the last few months.  
None of the incidents was remotely our fault. The first involved a drunk driver turning into the path of our car, resulting in our Toyota being totalled. He was arrested at the scene.  
The second involved a 74-year-old man who was ticketed at the scene for making an improper left-hand turn (into the back corner of our new car). In neither case did the insurance even debate if we were at fault.  
The most recent damage is low on the bummer and also on the wheel rim, and might not be from a car. Maybe it was a rock. Maybe it was a shopping cart. It's impossible to tell. It could have happened due to a mistake by one of us, but we would have likely heard and or felt the impact on the wheel, since the gouge in the rim is pretty deep. My guess is that it happened in a parking lot and no note was left. We try to park way the hell far away from other people, but sometimes that isn't possible.
bear: maybe a defensive driving course is in order?
ultrafastx: Both were unavoidable.
bear: hopefully going back to cali will prevent further incidents
misycarrot: I don't think it matters where you live. I know bear was making a joke, btw. I was in 3 accidents in 2 months shortly after I moved to CA. None of them were my fault either. Sometimes it's just getting used to the (bad) drivers. Sometimes (like in ufx's case) it's just bad luck. Like life, there's just no rhyme or reason to these things.  
Gee, aren't I insightful today? :P
bear: I wasn't exactly making a joke, just hoping they have better luck in cali
budfields: Rent KITT from David Hasselhoff!