Have you ever (romantically) kissed a member of the SAME sex?
Posted by ultrafastx 14 years ago, closed 14 years ago
Yes (male)
No (male)
Yes (female)
No (female)
substrate: the female linkfilterers are destroying my mock preconceptions about females on the internet. Next you'll all say you don't have pillow fights in sheer white negligees while bouncing on 4 poster beds.
darkstar: Oh yeah! We used to do that all the time over at cornpone's slumber parties.  
Then ultra got married, dimwit went off to college, tbone started hanging out with cowboys... Now the rest of us just hang around in our thongs watching the debates.  
It's just not the same any more. *snif*
Oh, really sorry about the skid marks on your sofa, pone.
cornpone: it's all good darkie. you were one of the responsible ones. i'm waiting on an apology from dimwit.
bear: so am i
bear: *gets thong on*