HatePup Images You must choose!!!
Posted by lola_ice 14 years ago, closed 14 years ago
Pic Count, FYI
FuzzyDave: There are currently 98 HatePup Pics in my collection, mostly made by Lola.  
I'm still looking for the one where the Pup is the Texas Ranger reacting to Oswald's assassination by Jack Ruby. For some reason, a detailed search turns up nothing.  
Also, HatePup as Batman.
Dave I hope this will do until you find the other one.
I think it may be as good as the original, as I recall.  
bear: what is the true origin of the original picture orginally?
FuzzyDave: If memory serves, I think I saw the pic originally on Everlasting Blort. I wish I could remember when, because I'd like to find the webpage it came from -- which, to the best of my recollection, was a site for a company that makes animatronic animals to be used as doubles in movies.  
HatePup, i believe, is the animatronic used for the chihuahua from Legally Blonde 2.
lola_ice: Dave maybe a few well placed PHONE CALLS on your behalf may solve the mystery???  
hatepup (seriously)
downtown: what breed his he/she? my guess is a doberman but im not sure and would like to know...  
downtown: nevermind, got my answer. i dont where i got doberman from.
bear: well aren't you going to share with us what breed the pup is?
deathburger: Foreignian Hate Chihuahua
FuzzyDave: DING!  
And we have a winner!