I prefer:
Hot weather
Cold weather
Middle of the road weather
Other (please comment)
grimrides: I prefer cold weather!  
Fireplace burning, sweater wearing, big fuzzy coat clad, see your breath in front of your face weather!  
deathburger: Middle, except when I sleep. Then I like it icy cold so I can use lots of covers. :)
pookhan: nothing worse than sticking to your sheets when you're trying to sleep. YUCK. i'd rather blast the a/c in the summer and be huddled under 4 blankets. :>
fabulon7: I like hot, if it's dry and below 35. I like cold, if it's above -25 and not super windy.
FuzzyDave: What's that in Normal People Temperature? not that goofy canadian math you hosers use.
fabulon7: Take off, eh.