Do you sing while you drive?
Posted by grimrides 15 years ago, closed 15 years ago
Yes, if no one is looking
Yes, whether folks are looking or not
Other (please comment)
Well ...
shigpit: I like it when people are looking at me when I'm singing/driving. I'll never get on Top Of The Pops, so this is the one audience I have. :)
LA LA LA ....
boots: funny about this poll...just yesterday I fancied myself a 'discreet' car singer...suddenly this car pulls up beside me and this little girl at the passenger side smiles at me--you know...that 'knowing' smile. can't fool a fool ;)
the head bob
pookhan: i always think it's so funny when you see another driver's head going up and down or back and forth, but i do it all the time while i'm singing.