What's the shortest amount of time you've ever heard of someone getting fired for sexual harassment after the new employee orientation sexual harassment class?
Posted by FoolProof 8 years ago, closed 8 years ago
Ejected from the class and fired on the spot.
Within an hour.
Within a day.
First week.
First month.
First year.
BONUS (comment): Describe the incident.
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First week
FoolProof: Are you kiddin' me? STORY TIME!
FoolProof: I'll start. A guy in Mrs Foop's training class just got canned. He asked her out on a date, saying he needed to find somebody to cheat (on his gf) with. He wasn't quite so subtle with another young lady. He asked her if she'd accompany him out to the parking lot so she could blow him.  
Nice guy. SEE YA.
Dyskolos: His technique --- it's like he's some kinda sexual harassment ninja or somep'n.
jtown: I don't think my current employer has a sexual harassment class. I guess they figure we don't need any special training to perform those tasks.  
I do remember one guy who was fired for harassment, tho the sexual nature of the harassment was secondary to the fact that his behavior was just plain annoying and weird. Like the time he was talking to a coworker, took off his shirt, tossed it on the floor, and walked away. Just a normal conversation then he's taking his shirt off. That guy just wasn't right.
FoolProof: That's a conversation stopper.