Who would win in a fight?
A dog
A monkey
AB: An informed answer would take into consideration the size, strength, and general health of each contender.  
Some questions to ponder are: what breed of dog is it? How are we defining "monkey"? Are we using the loose pop culture definition (which sometimes erroneously includes apes)?  
Also, the text of the poll indicates that these two are engaging in a fight. But I ask, what kind of a fight is this, exactly? Are we to suppose that these two are in a mortal combat-type situation? Or could this mean instead that the fight is of the (usually) less deadly pillow-variety?  
The people want - nay, NEED - to know. I submit this to you, Mr. SpearmintFur.
r03: Also: does the monkey have a hammer?
AB: I'll bet it does. But that doesn't help it much against a dog with a chainsaw, now does it?
FoolProof: Yep. Need species/breed info at least.
FoolProof: That's DOCTOR, btw.
AB: Well EXCUUUUUUUSE me, Princess.
Dyskolos: That's ex CUUUUUUSE...MEEEEE, PRINNN...CESS Doctor!
AB: What you said, only addressed to you. :P
Dyskolos: DELOPE?!  
NEVER! That scallywag thrust his tongue in my general direction!  
AB: Ha! Missed me!  
I can't believe I almost forgot to post....