Are you going, or have you gone, to a state fair this year?
Posted by bozino 9 years ago, closed 9 years ago
Yes, dammitalltohellbecauseIHATEthedamnstatefair
Yes, and it was/will be awesome
I don't live in a state, you stoopid bacon eating American
bozino: Went yesterday. Got there early and was outta there at 12:30. Left before the major freaks had arrived.  
My 8 y.o. can ride looping rollercoasters at Florida theme parks. But not the non-looping sissy coaster at the NC State Fair. WTF?
LowFlyingMule: Haven't been in years. The fairgrounds here are in a bad part of town with poor parking; you have to run the gauntlet of chain-snatchers and muggers  
and crackheads just to get to the fair.
cornpone: No need to wear your d00kie chain to the state fair mule.
AB: Page-breaker!