Saturday, Aug. 14th - by this time, if any newscaster or reporter or blogger or pundit referes to the proposed "mosque at Ground Zero" or the "9/11 mosque", are they being consciously dishonest, since the proposed muslim community center which includes a mosque will not be located at Ground Zero?
Posted by kingskyprawn 9 years ago, closed 9 years ago
Yup, dishonest.
No, just following the pack.
Conciously using a provocative phase to get attention to their newscast.
No, laziness.
Other (please mention in comments)
BTW, did you know that ...
crataegus: I'm waiting for "Burlington Coat Factory Mosque" to catch on. It's more honest, and it sounds funnier.
kingskyprawn: "It's a coat!"  
"It's a prayer mat!"  
"It's a coat!"  
"It's a prayer mat!"  
"It's a coat AND a prayer mat! NOW how much would you pay?"
FoolProof: Twice what you have them listed at, but they're half off!