Have you ever had a song written about you?
Posted by XIV 9 years ago, closed 9 years ago
Yes, and it was awesome
Yes, and it's tuhhrible
jtown: I thought I did. Turned out I was being vain.
FoolProof: HA!!
LinusMines: LOL
DodgyKnees the Cynic: I know I did, it had my name in the title.  
Perhaps "awesome" is a bit of a conceptual stretch though.
fabulon7: Maybe? It's hard to tell exactly. I think so. It wasn't flattering.
clu: Pretty much everything by Kenny Loggins.
bozino: so that highway to the danger zone goes to YOU?
SpearmintFur: Some band in junior high did that, but I don't think they ever performed it or anything, like it was one of those bands that they didn't actually play music but just talked about it.
FoolProof: Then were they really a band?