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Notices how time seems slower in the last half of the hour than the first half if he has an analog clock by him, and vice versa if it's digital.
Iz batshzt
XIV: XIV> analog because you imagine momentum + gravity of the minute hand fighting going back up to 12  
XIV> and digital because you feel the minutes resetting as opposed to getting further away from 00
FoolProof: BATSHIT!!!
Analog clock
Novelhead: Time goes faster in the first half of the hour because the minute hand is falling. In the second half of the hour, the minute hand has to fight against gravity.
XIV: see, SOMEONE groks it!
FoolProof: Central effing axis, peeple. Has nothing to do with up or down.
XIV: it's EVERYTHING to do with up or down! isn't anyone *LISTENINNNNNGGGGGG*?!!?!!?!!?
FoolProof: Nope.
AB: Wha? Who's making all this racket, up in here (up in here)?  
One might possibly lose his mind, with such noise levels.