If Phil Collins and Rob Zombie were stuck in an elevator for 2 weeks with no food/water, what would happen?
Posted by XIV 9 years ago, closed 9 years ago
Rob Zombie would be consumed by Mr. Collinses
Phil Collins would be no match for the Zombie Onslaught
They'd eventually wear each other out and just cuddle.
What would happen?
SpearmintFur: Somebody's fetish.  
I'll leave it at that.
aktaeon: If it exists, there is a comment about there being porn of it.
FoolProof: Rule 36; Section 4, paragraph 3E.
FoolProof: Rule 34*
Darwish: [insert Schrodinger's cat reference]
FoolProof: I think Rule 34 disproves Shroedinger.
XIV: Are you saying there is definitely cat porn in the box, despite the fact we never observe its contents?
FoolProof: Clearly.
fabulon7: Heheheh. You said "box".
Darwish: "Box" is a euphemism for "area".
AB: Step 2: put Richard Nixon in the "box".
FoolProof: That part IS rule 36.