Do you have any tattoos?
Posted by shigpit 10 years ago, closed 10 years ago
Yes. (Please comment what/where)
No, but I'm open to them (comment)
No. No, NOOOOOO! Yuk!
FoolProof: ...and somewhere between the last two.
LowFlyingMule: Kokopelli, dancing in the sun and playing a flute.  
Upper left Arm
shigpit: I'm somewhere between the last two also. But I don't feel strongly enough about anything to get it permanently inked.
ultrafastx: I have certain requirements for a tattoo:  
1) Has to be personally and (ideally) culturally meaningful. Example: Dwayne Johnson's tats on his left(?) shoulder.  
2) Has to be aesthetically pleasing and remain so as I age. No one likes the saggy boobs on that naked chick on Grandpa's arm.  
3) I have to be reasonably sure I won't be bored of it in 5-10 years. (related to #1, obviously)  
So far, nothing's struck me as meeting these requirements.  
Also, I'm a wuss.
aktaeon: One of my requirements is that it can't be permanent.  
I promised my mom no ink and no piercings.
shigpit: I'm not pierced anywhere either. I think I'd quicker get a tattoo ... and the chances of that are slim.  
Although I've always liked the barcode idea. Or maybe a CAT-5 plug.
Hugh2d2: But I really want a Kelly Jones' Batman on my right arm and his Joker on the left.
forever no
johnny2000: more a sailors and inmates hobby
FoolProof: Perhaps a few decades ago, old timer. ;)
cornpone: Your spam hole?