I need three adjectives for my OkCupid profile.
Posted by cornpone 9 years ago, closed 9 years ago
A little help..
FuzzyDave: artistic, funny, uninfected
shigpit: Artistic, Sensitive, Hypothetical
LowFlyingMule: Sincere, spontaneous, creative.
FuzzyDave: purple, obsequious & clairvoyant  
/steve martin
shigpit: Oh, I love that so much.
FoolProof: Ditto. Hilarious song.
fabulon7: Huge.
AB: Um.
fabulon7: I feel I need to explain this to you.  
OK - here goes. See, it's a dating site. He needs three adjectives. He provides one adjective: "Huge." He's referring to the size of his wang. With an adjective like that, who needs the other two adjectives? The women will flock to him.  
Hilarious, I know.
AB: I am blown away by your genius, sir.
FuzzyDave: heh.  
heh. heh.
fabulon7: Yeah, see, I knew you would get it.
3 adjectives
crataegus: hateful, disgusting, unpleasant
crataegus: (not a fan of dating websites)
aardvocate: Never been one for dating sites in general, but I wouldn't know my wife if weren't for okCupid.  
How about: artistic, pensive, wildly amusing (they never see the adverbs coming)
Darwish: Marduk, Sarpanit, Atra-Hasis
jtown: Spendiforous. (I may have spelled that wrong.)
One of them should be
SpearmintFur: jackhammer