When you played tag as a kid, what was the 'safe zone' called?
Posted by FoolProof 10 years ago, closed 10 years ago
Ghoul, gool, goul (sp?)
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LowFlyingMule: Base.
shigpit: +1
XIV: +another 1
FoolProof: Just 'base'? It wasn't called anything else?
cornpone: NO!
browse: Home, base, or home base.  
(This was in the deep South, fwiw.)
Home-base / Base
vinfille: I vote with AB.
j d ess: "Home base" or "home". In the mega-games we had in my neighborhood, it was someone's front porch.
jhallway: just home, T, or time-out
fabulon7: We didn't have a safe zone. Pansies.
bozino: Armageddon
AB: Really? That's the best safe zone name... EVAH!
bozino: oh...safe ZONE...I thought you said safe WORD
FoolProof: That's your safety word? How? I use that word regularly while... er.. nevermind.
Max Webster: Just plain old "Home" as in "I made it Home" "I'm Homefree, you're it!"