Would you schtup (or would you have schtupped) a teacher/professor for a good grade?
Posted by shigpit 10 years ago, closed 9 years ago
Hell Yes.
Hell No.
Miss Cohen says...
Dyskolos: No hupa. No schtupa.
FoolProof: Isn't it 'chuppah' or somesuch?
Dyskolos: O, a critic of Romanizing Hebrew areya?  
Well, then, it's חופּה  
FoolProof: I'm no expert, of course. Are they just manglings of the same word? I'd heard the saying before and thought it was something else.
Dyskolos: They're the same woyd.  
Young Miss Cohen livin in Red Square on Houston 'd prolly say - hupa.  
Her Bubbeh 'd prolly say - khupe.
FoolProof: Is it a Huh! sound or that got-something-stuck-in-my-throat sound?
Dyskolos: Bubbeh says it with that "got-something-stuck-in-my-throat sound"...  
The yungelayt...not so much.
FoolProof: Funnier with the throat sound.
Hell no.
FoolProof: Not for the grade, anyway. ;)