What are your dreams like most of the time?
Posted by XIV 10 years ago, closed 9 years ago
Grounded in reality.
Completely off the charts of any real time and space.
A cohesive mixture of the two.
When I dream and remember it ...
shigpit: ... usually it's people I know in a bizarre situation that could possibly happen in an alternate universe.  
Except that one when I was a kid and my friend sewed eye patches on his live-in housekeepers. That was a really odd one.
FoolProof: That smacks of horror movie-like awesomeness.
shigpit: The sick thing is that it recurred over the course of a few years. I didn't sleep very well as a preadolescent.
FoolProof: I had a recurring dream in elementary school that starred a silver man with a mangled face, half of which was covered with some sort of eye. He could be deterred only by bright lights. There was a lot of climbing through tunnels and flashlights involved.
zombie dreams are my favorite...
clu: I'm good at popping them in the head, and I never lose my cool.
FoolProof: You can join my dream-state zombie alamo anytime.
not for the faint of heart, but...
MrsBot: My most recurring dream through adulthood has been having a man tied up and slowly cutting off his extremities joint by joint. The weird part about it is that I always found great sexual satisfaction with each joint cut off, where, towards the end, (by the time I got up to like their knee or whatever) I would orgasm.
FoolProof: I had a dream the other day where I was in some sort of hospital and had to disguise a corpse by skinning a woman and placing said skin on another corpse. My partner did one in no time flat. I barely got started cutting when we had to flee from the police. I think we were trying to hide a murder.  
I know. It's bizarre. Honestly, my table wasn't nearly as gory as the other guy's.