Do you hot dog on the first date?
Posted by shigpit 10 years ago, closed 10 years ago
Yes, all the time
Yes, if there's a hallway involved
No, I'm not that kind of guy
jhallway: only if she's all-beef
Don't mess with the shicksas!
FoolProof: Leave them to me.  
*smooths eyebrows*
Dyskolos: rofl.  
game. set. match. mr. foop.  
FoolProof: I meant the shiksas not the hotdogs, btw. Everyone's clear on that point, right?
Dyskolos: Willya listen ta dis meshugener goy?  
Hebrew Nationals not enough! Now he vants the shicksas, too!
jtown: Are we talking about definition #5 or #6?