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We made Him/Her
He/She made us
MrsBot: We are God/dess & S/he is us; neither were made, we have all existed eternally much like energy.
Holy lobsided
aardvocate: Actually, it's lopsided in the other direction.  
FoolProof: heh. Indeed.
not me
johnny2000: the mulitinational religion corporations of the world did it - havin' a long time monopoly on knowledge and tax-exempt status and more protection by state laws than ordinary mortals
FoolProof: Business is booming.
As per Andy Partridge
shigpit: "Did you make disease  
And the Diamond Blue  
Did you make mankind  
After we made you?"
pdxpogo: Careful with the intelligent questions they could be dangerous.  
FoolProof: Two by two, hands of blue.
Max Webster: Science flys you to the moon  
Religion flys you into buildings
FoolProof: 10.