Would you use a Virtual PC if it ment never having to worry about MalWare
Posted by pdxpogo 10 years ago, closed 10 years ago
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Viruses and Malware are getting out of hand
pdxpogo: Every operating system is under attack, hell your cell phones are in danger. Thing is with "cloud computing" you can maintain a fully functioning personal pc on the web. It could do everything you do now and more... Download a bad web page open some warez load a cost ya codec to watch some porno... no problem just click reset and you are good as new your mistake is erased in a heartbeat.  
But your PC is in someone elses hands. Do you want to be free to be ass raped by the denizens of the free web?
testicle: Assuming that we're still talking about the Google story, definitely not.
FoolProof: Your datas. Let you show me them.
aktaeon: Lol.