Boxing Day
Posted by Max Webster 10 years ago, closed 10 years ago
Thats when all the great sales start
Never heard of it
Does that make Dec. 25th Boxing eve?
Is an outdated custom from across the pond
Calling it the pond does not make it a pond
It's also
SpearmintFur: The Feast of Stephen.
Here in Aussieland...
testicle: Its just a day to chill out and watch cricket (if you're one of those lazy types)
FoolProof: You watch cricket?
fabulon7: Cricket is pretty cool.
SpearmintFur: Howzzat?
Time for ...
shigpit: Movie marathon: "Boxing Helena" and "Million Dollar Baby"
IT"S NOT A FZCKING POND!!! (thanks for the applicable option)
FoolProof: I don't know what Boxing Day is but I like to think it's a celebration of Joe Calzaghe.
Henry: lol  
MrsBot: Oh Oh Oh PICK ME!  
I know what Boxing Day is!!!  
Its when the English people (who apparently don't clean out their closets as often as we do) box up unused items (their version of stuffing crap in a Hefty bag) and give it away for the less fortunate.
Henry: You got a different version from me, but the intent is about the same! I was told in the old days of "upstairs downstairs" when the servants had worked on Christmas day fetching and carrying etc for the Master of the House, he rewarded their labours ( not like they had a choice) by giving presents to each servant wrapped in small boxes the day after christmas day (26 December) and thus it was named Boxing Day.