You must choose (sci-fi geek addition):
SpearmintFur: Enterprise travels through space and only indirectly through time, while TARDIS travels through space and time. You also can't fit the USS Enterprise in a closet or park it between two dumpsters.
These whales disagree.
SpearmintFur: The Enterprise only manages to travel through time in very roundabout ways, like some time portal or whatever. I know there was a TOS episode where they travel back in time but I forget how they did it exactly, but it involved a time portal or something like that.  
I cannot go back to Victorian England or the Dalek invasion of Earth in 2163 on the Enterprise unless I am lucky enough to get caught in some wormhole or something that lunges me back there.  
You still can't park the Enterprise between two dumpsters ;).
smith: You missed the bone clu threw you: it's a Klingon Bird of Prey that travels back in time, not Enterprise.
SpearmintFur: That's actually a helpful reference. I know they travel through time in roundabout ways and it's good some nerds have documented when and how it's happened.  
The Enterprise still can't travel through dimensions like the TARDIS has (accidentally) though.
FoolProof: What about alternate universes? The Intendent FTW.
SpearmintFur: Duh! Of course! Man, I am an unworthy Star Trek fan.  
Clu, please confiscate my Spock ears. I am not worthy.
FoolProof: I change my vote to TARDIS. I never watch that show and wasn't sure what it did.
jtown: Enterprise has a holodeck.
FoolProof: Would you ever leave? I wouldn't.
Max Webster: Enterprise:  
Butt load of scantily clad babes  
Shuttle craft AND transporters!  
Crew make solid wingmen  
Lotsa firepower  
Can travel into the past, BUT cannot travel past its starting point in time.  
Endless stream of scantily clad babes  
Bigger on the inside than on the outside  
K-9 included  
Sonic Screwdriver  
Time Lords are immortal  
Travels BOTH directions through time  
TARDIS wins!
FoolProof: 'Edition.'
LowFlyingMule: Did you just correct a schoolteacher on her word usage?  
/me ducks and hides
AB: *gasp*
FoolProof: lol. Didn't notice. I thought it was either XIV or champthom that posted this.
SpearmintFur: I think smith did mean "addition", like what sci-fi related addition would you add to your house or sci fi collection or something like that.
XIV: .....that's just retarded. :D
smith: As nice as it is for you to come to my defense, the truth is I was too lazy to proofread the poll as I wrote it or edit it after I posted it.
FoolProof: A young guy at the JJ club told me today that his final exam for German was an open-book take-home test. I told him they might as well say 'FZCK IT! You all get an A!'.
smith: I think a final exam in German should include negotiating a date with a large woman named Helga who's really just trying to find a mechanic.
FoolProof: Helga heff dreems. Beeg dreems.
smith: As nice as it is for you to come to my defense, the truth is I was too lazy to proofread the poll as I wrote it or edit it after I posted it.