Thanksgiving Main Dishes:
Fried Turkey and Roasted Turkey
Fried Turkey and Roast Beef
Fried Turkey and Ham
AB: We have no formula. Various parts of my family I was staying with for Thanksgiving have done it in all those ways.
crataegus: My folks normally do lamb or lamb and a small turkey. Schazzy and I usually go eat with the old people at the S&S Cafeteria because we're an elderly Jewish couple in Miami who are temporally and physically misplaced.
When is?
Henry: When is this Thanksgiving that you speak of?  
Our Turkey day is 25 December - same time every year!
smith: The last Thursday of November is Thanksgiving.
FoolProof: And you're welcome to join in the festivities, Henry! Nothing wrong with eating too much roasted bird, mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing, etc. :D
Henry: Thank you, and thanks for the invite Foop. I may purchase a small Turkey breast in America's honour and eat it whilst you all celebrate, have a good time.  
When is it?
Baysailr9: Is fourth Thursday in November and, being a good Southern boy, I do backyard deep-fried turkey (yum!) and oven-baked ham (yum!) for the masses. Veggies, sides and desserts are brought, generally, by guests. Beer all around and let's eat!
vinfille: Turkey preparation is a minor issue- the important thing is that there's cornbread dressing. Without that, it's no Thanksgiving for me.