Apple pie should be eaten with....
Posted by Mac 10 years ago, closed 10 years ago
A fork
A spoon
Your hands
Depends how sturdy the crust is
SpearmintFur: Usually I eat it with a fork out of pure necessity, otherwise it would crumble and such. Otherwise, I subscribe to the hand school.  
Over the summer, at one of the seminars I went to, this European guy saw me eat pizza with my hands and he's like "Wow, I never knew you could do that, I should try it."
FoolProof: Get him a slice of NY style, fold it, and go for a walk while you eat it.
SpearmintFur: I am intrigued by your ideas and wish to subscribe to your newsletter.
SpearmintFur: Oh, you were talking about pizza, not pie. But yeah, definitely, I should have. Sadly, the pizza they served us was not NY style.  
I did get to have real NY pizza when I was in NYC and I most certainly had to fold it to eat it.
FoolProof: That's probably because the slices are a foot long and a foot wide.
FoolProof: When you're done doing that you can go get a 40oz in a brown paper bag and drink it on the stoop.
jtown: French Vanilla ice cream.
DodgyKnees the Cynic: Custard, or single cream. Depending on whether the pie is hot or cold, and whether or not you actually like custard and/or cream.
fabulon7: Hookers.
Henry: after a Rugby Match?
FoolProof: Nah. It might get mangled by the scrum.  
Nobody wants a scrumbly pie.
Fear not! For I have the answer!
AB: Applie pie, eaten with a smaller, recently-occupied pie-tin.
FoolProof: Good answer. :)