Are you sick and/or tired of all things election related?
Posted by j d ess 10 years ago, closed 10 years ago
Hell Yes
Hell No
johnny2000: are the new sports events
bozino: I'm gonna pretend you didn't say that.
FoolProof: I'm gonna pretend he did. Sports news is friggin ridiculous. Entire hours are dedicated to talking about the shit after it happened. If you care, watch the game. If not, don't. I don't need SportsCenter or Best Damn Blah Blah to opine on every fzcking baseball trade and on-court basketball tiff.
bozino: he said sports events. I agree with you on sports news. I don't have the time to sit thru an hour of nit picking analysis.  
I acknowledge sports are not for everyone, especially here. But, just as you have the right to not like them, I have the right to like them.  
So, I'm still gonna pretend he didn't say that.
fabulon7: Go Browns!
FoolProof: events. Right you are.
FoolProof: I think I must've read that 'news sports' or something.