Does a person prove that they are incapable of making sound personal decisions just by smoking cigarettes?
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I choose to smoke
crataegus: rather than turn people into road pizza. I would call that a sound decision.
badbunny: I hear ya man
FoolProof: In all reality, and honestly, I doubt you'd actually do anybody physical harm if you didn't have a cig.
XIV: the parsing, she's dodgy!!  
you must say this in person for me to grok.
Explaining my "no"
AB: A decision in the past may not necessarily reflect decision-making prowess in the present.
It may not, but consistently thinking that way will lead you into sucker bets. Any prediction of anyone's behavior should be based on the idea that their past behavior predicts their future conduct in similar circumstances.
FoolProof: In this case the decision would be to do something with dire consequences and few, if any, benefits.
also known as FUN.  
/me builds a machine to stab myself in the eye  
FoolProof: WEEEEEEEEEE!!!!
AB: Ah, I see your point.
FoolProof: So does the credit industry.
i'd say something snarky
XIV: but i'm too busy hiding from the sunlight.
FoolProof: Posted by XIV on Sep 11, 2008 11:23pm  
What sunlight?
AB: I think he means the sunlight generated by pious individuals- a holy aura surrounding God's Chosen People (read: aktaeon)
XIV: really i meant actual sun. cloudy days are my friends, like the sky's giving me a grey hug.
aktaeon: God chose me!  
New rules:  
* There is no other horseshit religion but this horseshit religion.  
* This horseshit religion is expensive to maintain, and if you want into heaven you'd better get on your knees with your wallet in your hand.  
* This horseshit religion has rules.  
* Not following the rules makes you dirty, wrong, and unclean.  
* Cleanliness is next to horseshit Godliness.  
* Not being clean, and not being where I am, distances you from the source of this horseshit religion.  
* Not eating bacon makes you unclean.  
* Being too cheerful in the morning makes you unclean.  
* Not agreeing with me or at least acknowledging the crippling weaknesses of your own argument makes you unclean.  
* You are allowed to have your own preferences, as long as your preferences correspond to the preferences of horseshit religion. Otherwise you are unclean.  
* Laughing at anything that I do that seems awkward or wrong makes you unclean.  
Failure to maintain proper cleanliness has penalties:  
* Local governments permitting, you should be taken to the city limits and stoned. But, with sponges and cheesy teen pop music instead of rocks.  
* Absolution can be found in starting pyramid marketing companies where everyone sends me ten percent or more of everything they own and earn for the rest of their lives, and in return, nothing, only this horseshit religion.  
* I never have to pay cover charges again.  
* I eat and drink for free.  
* It's okay if I hit the curb trying to parallel park, because high priest of horseshit religion parks where he wants.  
* If I do something embarrassing, whatever it is, regardless of how absurd, it is immediately something popular to do, and you will find it charming that I did it.