Have you ever made a meal out of junk food?
Look at all these Gordita wrappers, what have I been doing?
SpearmintFur: I've lived on meals from vending machines  
I've had meals of Rold Gold pretzels and Hostess Fruit Pies on nights I've come home late from work and everywhere on campus was closed and I only had my food debit account.  
That partially explains why I've gained quite a bit of weight the past year, which I need to lose. Not so much out of health issues but it's becoming harder to find good clothes when you're approaching the larger end of the weight spectrum.  
Not sure what you're asking.
FoolProof: I've lived off of Hot Pockets and Chinese take-out, but I've never used, say, pizza rolls as a component in a casserole.  
...but I might start.
SpearmintFur: Don't forget the bacon!
cornpone: I've eaten a big bag of jerky and a packet of cashews for dinner a few times.
Schauspieler: This is what I'm talking about Foop
FoolProof: Well then yes, I have. :)
SpearmintFur: Just ask William F. Brimley.
Schauspieler: is that Wilford Brimley's brother?
FoolProof: HA! Love it.
FoolProof: HA!  
FoolProof: HA!  
FoolProof: Uggh. Sry about the size.
SpearmintFur: Yes, the one who has even worse diabeetus.