Furry Pet Owners - Has your pet ever had fleas?
Posted by FoolProof 11 years ago, closed 11 years ago
Yes, and I shall explain the ordeal in detail in a comment below.
Nope, and I'll explain why in detail in a comment below.
Henry: did you know I was Furry?
jtown: Not my pets because I've taken good care of my animals (read: flea collar or advantage) but one of my roommates had a dog that picked up an entire circus of fleas once. Fortunately the fleas didn't like me but my roommate and his girlfriend had bites all over their bodies. Serves them right for not being proactive. Had to dip the dog and bomb the house to get rid of the fleas.
Argh, yes
vinfille: In the cold northlands we don't put Frontline on the dogs in the winter- normally they don't need it. A couple years ago, the one with strong hunt-and-kill instincts took out a rabbit in the backyard in the snow. After we got her in the house and got the carcass out of range, we came inside to find that her head (since she'd had some time to chew on dead rabbit before we got to her) was simply swarming with fleas. Ugh ew gross. We bathed her quick and thought that was the end of it, but a few weeks later I found a flea on the other dog. So- baths for both of them, Frontline, and dogbeds in the washing machine. That seemed to take care of it, fortunately.
jtown: They'll find a way if you give them a chance. :) One of my dad's dogs has a nasty habit of killing a coyote, hiding the carcass, then rolling in it after it's had about a week to ripen. So gross.
FoolProof: Sounds like a good dog to have around, though.