Would you eat a dill pickle that has been soaked in a mixture of its own brine and cherry kool aid?
Recipe Please.
Can I add Bacon?
smith: Five gallon jar of dill pickles, drained (reserve brine) and cut in half. Add two packages cherry kool aid and 1lb sugar (approx 2 and 1/3 cups) Mix until dissolved. Pour brine back into jar, over cut pickles. Make sure the lid is on tight, shake to distribute. Put in fridge and let soak for one week.  
badbunny: umm...no thanks
SpearmintFur: You need something to go with your Fried Twinkie.
fabulon7: I can't imagine what this tastes like. I'm kinda grossed out, and kinda intrigued.
smith: To be fair, I've never eaten either. We saw this made tonight on the Food Network. Like you: I'm both disgusted and strangely drawn to it.
naz_drala: Good Eats rocks. He ran across this on his last feasting on asphalt trip. I am willing to try one the it looks like a bloated red slug.
fabulon7: Somehow that comment swung the pendulum a little closer to the "disgusted" side, but it also swumg the pendulum a little closer to the "intrigued" side.
badbunny: geh
naz_drala: That is what I'm here for :)
I'd try it, but no way would I agree to finish it unless it's good.
fabulon7: I'm certainly not finishing the 5 gallon jar.
Fluffy: ugh, I missed that. 5 gallons? that can't be right. a 5 gallon jar is like the size of a small barrel. It would probably contain several hundred pickles.
fabulon7: Maybe it's supposed to be 0.5 Gallons. That's only 2 litres or so. That's manageable. I'm still not eating all those pickles though.
Fluffy: 2 quarts of pickles is a reasonable amount, maybe a couple dozen if they're smallish cukes. Eating 2 quarts of any kind of pickles would probably give you the runs pretty bad, though.
fabulon7: Maybe the Kool-Aid bungs things up.
smith: I think I was wrong on the five gallon..but the recipe wasn't posted on the site, so i was guessing..but it wasn't that big. It's the big jar from the supermarket..the really big one. Maybe one gallon..like from Costco. Of course you could halve it.
librarianbarbie: please try it and let us know how it was.
smith: I think it's a foregone conclusion that we will be making these at my house if only for the "oh...wow...ugh...umm...huh" factor.
Kool Aid Pickles