Whacha doing tonight for New Years Eve?
Posted by lagbnaft 11 years ago, closed 11 years ago
Staying home.
Going to a concert.
Going to dinner then to a club.
Intimate dinner with my significant other.
Gonna get so damn drunk I'm gonna puke.
If I told you I'd have to kill ya.
I'm gonna go bowling.
Sex, sex, sex.
I'm a junkie so I'm gonna do what junkies do, get high.
I can only guarantee dinner.
FoolProof: We'll see about the other stuff later.  
lagbnaft: Much love brother, hugs to you both and a blessed 08 for your family.
FoolProof: My, someone's in a lovey mood! :D
crataegus: work
So, it's 1 am in France
vinfille: and Bonne Année à tous!  
Some colleagues had me over for dinner, and we had fois gras and Sauterne, followed by perfect, fresh, raw oysters (which took some time to open, but were worth it) then cockles cooked in cider and cream, and finally burgers with minced fois gras and potato pancakes. I made a pear clafouti for dessert, and it was approved by the French critics.  
My friends walked with me to the bus stop so I could catch the last bus to my flat. On the bus, a group of 5-6 North African students were singing a call and response song, energetically and with huge smiles. A Chinese student was bouncing to the beat and beaming- "great atmosphere, this bus!" she said to me. After the Africans got off, yelling "Happy New Year!" the three Italians left on the bus asked me to come to their place for a party, which I declined (tempting, but I'd had enough for one night!) So they told me they loved me (had a bit of wine already) and hopped off to go party.  
New Year's Eve in Dijon is a good thing. :) It's going to take me a little while to wind down enough to sleep- and tomorrow, je faire le grasse matinée- 'a fat morning,' or sleeping in.  
Happy 2008, everyone!  
smith: An Italian restaurant owner once told me:  
"Italian men are faithful...they see a thousand different women, so they try to be a thousand different men."
LowFlyingMule: Watching football...yeah, I'm old. I am enjoying some fine Kentucky Sippin' whiskey though.