African-Americans in ads should be portrayed as speaking:
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Standard American English. Slang and vernacular make blacks appear uneducated and illiterate.
African American Vernacular English. Ads should reflect existing African-American culture.
I doan know nuthin' 'bout birthin' no babies!
LinusMines: I could spend all night tossing out my $0.02, but I'll keep it short.  
In a perfect world, we wouldn't need ads to cater exclusively to an African-American audience. Ad agencies, by exploiting cultural differences within the community, only succeed in shape-shifting the entire community between those differences (and it's not just a black ad campaign featuring a twangy voiceover and Bob Seger-style anthems presumes as much of me -- and non-Southerners -- as one with a black-sounding voiceover and hip-hoperatic tracks). Does this end up being as fair to the targeted audience as others who don't use as much street slang and who think that hip-hop's best days are behind it (OK,  
I guess all's fair when chasing after money. Whenever I detect advertisers playing that game, however, I tune them out. They clearly mistook me for somebody else...
I noticed for a while...
FoolProof: ...that if there was a black person on camera in a McDonalds commercial, there was always a hip-hop beat playing in the background.  
fabulon7: I was totally freaked out one day when, flipping through TV channels, I noticed a car commercial that was exactly the same as a car commercial I'd seen a thousand times, except that everyone in the commercial had been replaced by a similarly-dressed black person.  
Why in god's name would you need to make exactly the same commercial twice? Are people really that screwed-up, that the skin of a commercial actor would influence their decision to buy or not buy a car?
Yes. They are precisely that screwed up.
fabulon7: Man. That's bad news.
OK, to be fair, it's not all people, but if it weren't an effective strategy, the ad agency wouldn't employ it.
fabulon7: I don't know about that. Companies have tried a lot of horribly ineffective marketing strategies.
LinusMines: Back in the day when my high school commute took me across NYC to the Lower East Side (early 70's), I saw a subway ad for Kentucky Fried Chicken (it was one of those insert ads commonly placed in the overhead clocks).  
It must've have been an very limited ad run...I don't remember seeing them in the system long afterwards, or even distributed widely. I don't even remember the ad copy. What sticks with me to this day were the two cheerful figures in the lower corner.  
A girl with an Afro, standing next to a black guy.  
A black guy dressed like Colonel Sanders.  
I knew then that advertising was Evil.
SpearmintFur: That is probably the most racist thing in marketing since Darkie Toothpaste.