Have you ever had a dream in which LF figured prominently?
Posted by j d ess 11 years ago, closed 11 years ago
I have (please describe).
I have not.
the impetus
j d ess: it occurred to me long after i woke up this morning that the LF i saw in my dream last night was significantly redesigned. i have no idea what was going on in the rest of the dream, only that i visited LF and it looked nothing like the LF i know/love.
I've had plenty
shigpit: The first one was when I was sitting at the LF table at ultrafastx and honeydew's wedding. I sat next to FuzzyDave, if I remember correctly. And there was a big ice sculpture that said "UFX HDW" on it.  
Can't remember all of them, they're likely in my journal though.
cornpone: plenty about users here too. the most prominent was meeting fuzzydave, cept he was gary coleman, but he was fuzzydave.
I have, but...
FoolProof: ...I don't remember what it was or where on LF I mentioned it.