Silver Pool Campaign, Episode 1.3.10: Please read the first comment (click on View Results) below and THEN choose your preferred action.
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Light a new torch and look for tracks. The smell of decay may be coming from another corpse and it would be good to find it, as well as whatever may be on it.
Drink the Repel Vermin potion and carefully make your way toward the smell of death and the sound of giant wasps.
Drink the potion and continue exploring onward down the path.
Don't drink the potion just yet, but move carefully off of the path toward the smell of decay and the buzzing sounds.
Some other creative option? (please comment)
Catching a Buzz
darkstar: You tuck the dagger and scabbard into your own backpack -- something about it feels very special -- and hand the rest of the items from the dead man to Martelo. "Here...put these in your pack. We'll decide what to do with them later," you whisper. Martelo nods his assent and takes the recovered items, wrapping them in a blanket from his bedroll and tying the bundle securely on top of his pack. When he's done, you motion to your friends, "Let's make our way back to the path..."  
Now brandishing your swords in your right hand and withy-bundles in your left, you make your way quietly to the spot where you left the moonlit track. The moon has shifted onward in the night sky perhaps 45 minutes, but you still have plenty of moonlight and hours of night left for your exploration. The wasp that was in the path earlier is now gone.  
Motioning your comrades forward, you proceed another 60 yards down the path. The smell of the Tree of Sorrow fades, and is replaced by a new smell, again of rotting flesh. About the time you recognize it, and identify that it's coming from upwind to your right, off the path, you hear an intermittent buzzing in the same direction. You motion for your party to stop - everyone has heard the noise and smelled the new stench of decay again.  
The buzzing sounds like the intermittent noise coming from that lone wasp earlier as it took a short hop on the path. Only this time, it sounds as if there may be more than one of them, with two or three such buzzing sounds overlapping at times.  
"We must be close," you whisper...
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