How did you find out about LF?
Posted by darkstar 11 years ago, closed 11 years ago
Via MeFi
Via Fark
Via Everlasting Blort
Via Memepool
Via Slashdot
Via BoingBoing
By word of mouth...
By accident...
Some other way? (please comment)
My 8th Grade English Teacher
AB: He told me a fun thing to do, but sometimes a risky venture, was to click a random link on a blog and see where it goes. If you like it, stay and bookmark the page; if you don't, then go to another link from there. It was then through a series of tubes.... err, links, that I arrived here.
I found out...
darkstar: ...via the great MeFi-LF controversy of August 2003.
darkstar: Namely, through this link on August 6, 2003.  
MeFi had closed membership so I couldn't participate. So after being a forced lurker there for two years, I happily hopped over to LF when I found I could sign up immediately.  
No other decision in my life has led to so much wasted time...or to a better online experience. :)
SpearmintFur: Ditto.
FoolProof: GROUP HUG!!!
smith: I went to school with p-no, glitch and clu.
LinusMines: I landed in this freakin' Country Bear Jamboroo by accident. I now live in the cardboard box LF's server was packaged in.
Via feeds on
FoolProof: I found out from a RL cow orker, AGNP, who found out via testicle.
Not really sure...
pneum0nic: Most likely via MeFi, but could have been some other online article that mentioned LF.  
With time, I found myself spending more time on LF & less time with other sites, of which I will say no more. It is all nothing, after teh Filter.
Darwish: dude, I knew linkfilter back in the day. Sh7t, I used to party with linkfilter.
believe it or not...
librarianbarbie: i think it was Wonkette! like three or four years ago...i think a couple of times there were links on wonkette that said "via linkfilter" and i got curious and clicked and LF has been my homepage on every work and home computer i have had since then!
cornpone: google.
bozino: I bought it off a hobo. Damn him. Should have stabbed him instead.
lagbnaft: I was a "Farker". Got tired of seeing some of my links get deleated only to see them re-posted by some of the "cooler" kids. Had stopped by in the very beginning and looked throught the joint, came back and never left.  
No matter who has "run" LF over the years it's still the fairest place of it's kind out there (imho).  
/me group hugs all his fellow Linkfilterians.
FoolProof: DOG PILE!!!
From Al gore.
LowFlyingMule: Nah. I'm with lagbnaft, a former Farker that got really sick of Fark, so I said Fark 'em, and went looking for a better neighborhood...I found LF via a link on MetiFilter and now you're all gonna have to endure me for eternity.  
So...blame Metifilter, I guess.