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Wait in the trees for a while to see what the boar does. Perhaps it will go away soon.
Dash down from the tree, trying to avoid the boar and try to make it up Dan's tree so you can heal him before he loses much more blood from his wound.
Climb down and attack the boar, yourself!
Devise some kind of plan with the other party members! (please comment on details)
Some other creative option? (please comment)
darkstar: The giant boar's ear-piercing squeal makes your blood run cold. Quickly opting for flight, you shove Dan to the right, out of the way of the oncoming beast, as you dive to the left to avoid its charge. "Climb a tree!" you shout to your comrades and they need no further prompting. Each heads for a nearby tree, Mistress Faye pausing only a moment to cast a light spell on a stone and dropping it in the center of the campsight.  
The boar lunges at Dan as it passes, snapping with it's massive jaws and slashes him savagely across the upper left thigh. Had you not shoved him out of the way, the slash would have been across his belly. The dire boar pauses a moment, evidently dazzled by the glowing stone now casting a pool of bluish light around the scene of its attack. Dan lurches, stricken and in pain, toward a tree, obviously hurt.  
Seeing Dan limping and unable to climb a tree in his condition, you and Aelric help boost him up to some lower branches. Martelo sees your difficulty and throws his spear at the creature to distract it. It strikes the boar's side and has the desired effect: the dire boar turns away from you to rush Martelo, who quickly turns and scurries up a nearby hickory tree with an adrenaline-induced agility that belies his stocky build. He narrowly avoids having his legs slashes by the boar's tusks. The boar, frustrated, leaves deep gashes in the tree trunk below his feet.  
Meanwhile, the rest of you have gained safety in the trees surrounding the campsite, in a rough circle perhaps 30 feet in diameter. Your packs are still on the ground in the center of the space, along with your spear and Mistress Faye's bow and arrows.  
Still squealing its rage, the huge boar circles the tree Martelo is in, giving it a few more slashes with his deadly tusks and causing the whole tree to shudder. Martelo's spear is knocked out of the boar's side and you can see some blood where it stuck the animal. The boar then begins to circle all of the trees, going from one to the other and venting its rage on the trunks as it passes.  
"Are you okay?" you shout to Dan. He has wedged himself in the crotch of his tree about 12 feet up and is working on wrapping a cloth around his leg.  
"It's pretty bad..." he says, a grimace on his face. "I...I think it went to the bone. I'm losing a lot of blood..." He leans forward and rests his head on the tree, obviously in much pain.  
"One of us needs to be able to get to Dan," shouts Mistress Faye to you. "He needs healing, soon."  
"How about Animal Friendship?" you shout back.  
She shakes her head. "It's far too big an animal for either of us to befriend! And it's enraged, which makes it even harder! A more powerful druid could do it, but not you or me!"  
The dire boar reaches Dan's tree. Smelling his blood, its rage seems to increase and it begins gouging deep cuts into the trunk. Dan appears to be fading, his makeshift tourniquet turning dark.  
Your limited experience with regular boars is that they can be incredibly ferocious. They fight without ceasing and will even continue to attack when mortally wounded. You know of a villager who once was treed by a boar for half a day, until the boar finally tired of stalking him and left. And this beast is far from average. It's easily five times the size of a normal boar -- about the size of an ox --perhaps 6 feet at the shoulder and weighing 1200 pounds or more.  
Its deafening squeals are so loud they seem to cut right through you and make it hard to think rationally. A completely impractical thought occurs to you amid the frenzy -- you can't help but imagine that the thing would keep your whole village stocked in sausage for the winter...  
"We have to do something!" shouts Aelric, obviously concerned for his brother.
darkstar: Previous episodes and character data sheet here.  
All welcome to participate, regardless of whether you've voted in earlier episodes.
Create a Diversion
pneum0nic: Couldn't we create some sort of diversion at enough of a distance away from us to allow one of our party to scramble to Dan's aid?
pdxpogo: only two in the party have "healing" spells so it is you or Mistress Faye. I think diversion is the only way Mistress Faye is going to reach old Dan and that leaves it up to you and Martelo to distract the boar.  
Oh and the Animal Friendship spell was introduced as:  
"The Animal Friendship spell is not to be abused," she says, "It will make a friend of any animal you meet and, in so doing, it manipulates their free will. You should only do it if you are sincere in your desire to be their friend, and not merely trying to use them to achieve some end you desire."  
ANY ANIMAL being the operative phrase there was no codicil "except for rather large and angry beasts".  
It's MAGIC it is supposed to work otherwise it serves no purpose in the plot.  
ok befriend a hornets' nest and send them to drive off the boar or at least contribute to the diversion.
darkstar: Just a reminder that in a comment appended to Mistress Faye's dialogue was the following explanation of the spell:  
"You can have up to 2 hit dice worth of animal companions traveling with you at a time. This number increases with your level (always twice as much as your druid level). You can gain an animal companion by casing Animal Friendship on a natural animal that is not predisposed to hating you..."  
Also, on your character sheet, it specifies that the spell works on "up to 2 Hit Dice of animals".  
The dire boar you're facing, while not full grown, is still 5 hit dice. So it's too powerful an animal for you to befriend with the spell at your level. You would have to be a level 3 druid so that you could cast the spell on such a creature. And because it's enraged, you'd suffer a penalty as it tried to make it's saving throw against the magic.  
Note: This is all meta-game mechanics, which is why I don't include it so much in the narrative, but in appended comments.  
Furthermore, as a new druid, there are things your character isn't going to know about the power of your spells until you try them and succeed or fail. And Mistress Faye is only a 1st level druid herself, so relatively inexperienced, though she's ready to level up as soon as she can get some time to do so.
darkstar: By the way, just to clarify your approach to animals: your being a druid doesn't prevent you from killing animals in self-defense or for food or clothing, etc. Those kinds of actions are very much part of the natural order for predators.
Discussion about options and clarification of layout...
darkstar> sadly, your packs are on the ground. You do have your beltpouch on, though. Its contents are described on your character sheet  
darkstar> char sheet here  
Fluffy> I was just looking at that  
Fluffy> how far away is Dan's tree?  
Hugh2d2> Can you throw the cure minor wounds potion to Dan?  
darkstar> you're in trees roughly in a 30' perhaps 30' away from you on the other side of the circle  
darkstar> hugh: it's possible, but it would be dicey  
Hugh2d2> Any birds in the area? You could befriend one of them and have it attack the boar to distract it.  
Fluffy> crap  
darkstar> Dan appears to be in diminished capacity to catch, and his position in the tree would make it difficult for him to move to grab it if your throw were off. But you could try.  
Fluffy> too risky  
Hugh2d2> I agree with Fluffy  
Fluffy> who's closer to the pig, kit or faye?  
Fluffy> I mean who's closer to Dan  
darkstar> Just FYI: the potion lid is secured by a rawhide cord, so there's no risk that the lid would fall off if you did throw it.  
Hugh2d2> Just don't let it hit the boar!  
darkstar> Faye is closer. perhaps 15 feet away. Martelo is also 15 feet away. Aelric is in a tree perhaps 8 feet from him  
Fluffy> I'm thinking multiple distractions, keeping the boar busy while somebody shimmies up there to help  
darkstar> OOOps...correction  
darkstar> Going clockwise around the circle: Dan is at 12 o'clock, where the boar is. Aelric is about 3. Martelo is at 6, you are about 8 and Aelric is about 10 o'clock.  
Fluffy> create water in the pig's lungs  
darkstar> Argh!  
darkstar> I mean, FAYE is about 3 and Aelric is about 10  
darkstar> jeez  
Fluffy> gotcha  
darkstar> hehe, you can't create water that way. It pretty much happens between your outstretched hands  
Fluffy> I know  
Fluffy> so sad  
pdxpogo> so are there any hornets in the area?  
Fluffy> gotcha  
Fluffy> be eating on some drowned boar  
Fluffy> night time, no hornets  
Fluffy> they won't come out of their nest at night to save their won lives  
Fluffy> same thing for birds  
Fluffy> anyway, I don't think an enraged boar cares about birds & bees  
Fluffy> I have a suggestion. I'll post it in comments.
Fluffy: Fluffy> how conscious is Dan? would he be capable of tossing something to someone else?  
darkstar> he's still conscious and in pain, but he probably could toss something, depending on what it was  
Fluffy> what I'd like to do is lasso that hog and tie it up to a tree  
Fluffy> but no rope  
darkstar> Heh: boarsville  
darkstar> interesting proposal  
pdxpogo> so martelo is farthest away assuming Mr. Pig is at Dan's tree, have Martelo come down and distract the pig as soon as the pig charges Martello, Mistress Faye makes a move to help Dan Aleric makes a move for a rope from the camp supplies Martelo climbs to safety at the last minute and Kit comes down for a sec to attract the attention of the pig. Once the pig commits for Kit Aleric retreats with rope to his tree. Meanwhile Kit scrambles for saftey.  
darkstar> pogo, comment your idea!  
Fluffy> yeah, it seems like with that many feet on the ground, somebody's going to get gored  
Fluffy> but that's the best plan I've heard so far.  
Fluffy> run piggy in a circle  
Fluffy> we need bungee cords  
Fluffy> where are the packs/ropes located?  
pdxpogo> we have to risk something or dan's a goner. Martello and Kit are furthest away  
pdxpogo> in the center of the grove perhaps 15 feet from the trees  
Fluffy> yeesh. dangerous.  
Fluffy> but I think I agree  
pdxpogo> the thing is to move together pig can only attack one at a time  
Fluffy> yeah, but that 15' dash into the center and back is the real risky move, everything else can happen around the edges  
pdxpogo> well pretty sure we can get Mistress Faye to Dan even if Aleric is chased off the rope.  
Fluffy> agreed  
Fluffy> I'm going to vote  
I suggest we attempt to distract the boar long enough for somebody to shimmy up and heal Dan, at least enough to stop the bleeding. Based on our positions relative to Dan and the boar, I think Faye should be the one shimmying, while Kit and Martelo provide the distraction.  
Since a boar relies mostly on smell and sound (especially in the dark), have Dan remove a garment (blood-soaked, if possible) and toss it as far away as possible from Faye and his positions. At the same time, Kit and Martelo should make noise, climbing down out of the trees momentarily and pelting the boar with sling stones or sticks or whatever is at hand if necessary. The idea is that the boar will be attracted to the smell and the sound, and enraged by the thrown objects, distracting it long enough for Faye to climb down her tree and up Dan's to perform some minor healing. Aelric should be prepared to throw something or attack to draw the boar off if it turns to charge Faye during her descent and ascent.  
It's all very risky, but Dan's a goner for sure unless we do something. With most of our gear down in boarsville, this is the best I could come up with. I'm holding my vote until I hear from others.
OK a plan of Distraction
pdxpogo: Given a circular clearing some thirty feet across with a wounded Dan at 12 o'clock Our Healer Mistress Faye at 3 o'clock Aleric at 10 o'clock Martello at 6 o'clock and Kit at 8 o'clock I see this as a multi pronged diversion. Every one in motion at the same time just slightly stagered in order for the boar to do his part.  
Martello comes down his tree to the right side being as noisy and obvious as he can be, enticing the boar to attack in his direction. We want to bring the pig to the right side of the six oclock position so the tree can shield Martello as he climbs back up and it puts the boar a little further away from the second diversion Kit makes as Martello scrambles to saftey. As soon as the boar makes a move on Martello Faye and Aleric spring into action. Faye to Dan's tree to minister to his wounds, if she can't climb into Dan's tree she can pass him the healing potion to help with his bleeding and continue on and up into Aleric's original tree at ten o'clock. Meanwhile Aleric dashes across the clearing picking up a rope from the camp supplies and moves to the tree at three o'clock that was occupied by Faye. At some point Martello must climb for safety out of the way of the boar who overruns Martello's position. The boar is even more enraged and this is where Kit steps out from behind his tree to offer himself to the boar buying more time for Faye and Aleric. As the boar charges Kit at the eight o'clock position Aleric is proceeding away from the center of the camp and boar to the three o'clock tree with the rope. Once in the tree he proceeds to fashion a snare from the rope and attach it firmly to the tree he is using for refuge. Now we snare the little piggie kill it and heal and send Dan back to the village with news of sausages. And we get on with the journey to Brother Owen's.
looks good on paper. I think we can count on it not going quite according to plan, but I definitely support the best aspects of the run-arounds suggested thus far
AB: I agree with this plan of action. Please mark me down accordingly.
AB: I agree with this plan of action. Please mark me down accordingly.  
UPDATE: I tried posting this comment but experienced an internal servah errah. So this might repost.
lagbnaft: Sounds good to me,you guys lead, I'm your indian...
pneum0nic: so which tree is AB in? I'll vote for sending him down--he just volunteered, after all...  
AB: *Grumble*
crataegus: Go outside. You spent too much of your summer indoors.
pneum0nic: wait...isn't it still spring?