Silver Pool Campaign, Episode 1.2.11: Please read the first comment (click on View Results) below and THEN choose your preferred action.
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Keep Durk bound, take him back to Foxglove for trial (and likely gibbetting) and to update them on what has happened. You can prepare for your next step (Amberlake, Morgan's Hollow, Brother Owen, back to the caves, etc.) once there.
Let Durk go. Return to Foxglove to update them and to prepare for a trip to Amberlake or Morgan's Hollow.
Let Durk go. Head on to Brother Owen's from here.
Let Durk go. Inspect the cave and surroundings to learn more about these visitors.
Recruit Durk. If this selection wins, then Durk will join the group, which will take the action of the most popular of the "Let Durk Go" options, above.
Some other creative option? (please comment)
A Night in the Thicket
darkstar: After a hastily whispered conference in which several options are considered, you make a decision.  
"We can't trust Durk to set him free tonight," you say, glancing over at the raider whose eyes plead with you from the other side of the clearing. "He's a treacherous thug. He could sell us out or slit our throats in the night. We'll have to bind and gag him, at least until tomorrow when we head out of here."  
"What about the creatures at the cave?" asks Aelric. "We can't just sit here and wait for them to come after us."  
"We can't risk going after them," you counter. "We have a captive to guard and a wounded man. If we go down there and stir up trouble, and there's more of them than there are of us, we're done for. And we can't make our way down the hill or find some other way to avoid them with Martelo in his condition. There's no way he'll be able to hike back to Foxglove like he is, and especially not in the dark."  
"So what do we do?" asks Aelric, the frustration tinging his voice.  
"We stay here tonight," says Mistress Faye, anticipating your response. "Here in the thicket, where we have concealment. Hope they're preoccupied by the cave to not look too hard for us. We set a good watch and wait until tomorrow when we can travel better. Maybe they'll be gone by then."  
""And maybe there'll be more of them, by then, too," says Aelric, clearly displeased. "And if they get control of the cave, then we'll never find out what's in that underwater tunnel."  
"Discretion is the better part of valor," says Dan, chiding his brother. "We'll get our chance... just not today. We've been lucky so far. Let's not ruin it by getting greedy."  
Aelric grunts his dissatisfaction and heads over to bind and gag the raider once more, amid Durk's protestations. "Be quiet, or you'll have us all killed," Aelric hisses harshly, "it's just for tonight, until we figure out what to do with you."  
Martelo, having slept through it all, is now snoring slightly...  
The afternoon wears on until, letting your curiosity get the better of you, you move from your watch post and head down to see if you can get a glimpse of the cave clearing. There, you see one of the humanoids Mistress Faye described (see comment below), sitting on a stone outside the cave. His comrades are not to be seen. Not wanting to risk further, you move silently back to your watch post at the edge of the thicket.  
Nightfall comes swiftly, the hills blocking the setting sun. As a purple twilight creeps into the sky, you are startled to hear shouts coming from the direction of the cave. It sounds like an attack! Bloodcurdling cries of surprise and pain ring out in a harsh language you can't understand. After perhaps 20 minutes, the cries subside. It then occurs to you that there was no sound of metal-on-metal or other tell-tale indicators of armed melee. The rest of the night passes without event.  
Dawn arrives late, the hilltop blocking the rising sun for an extra hour. You hasten the others along, urgently hoping to make an early day of it. Martelo looks much refreshed from his rest and, when Mistress Faye heals him further, he seems in fine fettle, as if he'd had no injury whatever. Your knee is a bit sore from where the rider kicked you, but the injury seems to have healed during your sleep, as well. A stealthy peek down the trail at the cave clearing shows no sign of the visitors, though they could be in the cave or nearby.  
As a group, you realize that as long as you have Durk as a captive, you will have to keep a guard on him and this will diminish your ability to fight or explore stealthily, not to mention making good time in your travels over land. From your earlier convocation, there is little interest in just killing him in cold blood.  
A quick breakfast of cold trail rations and then you decide your next step...  
darkstar: The visitor that was sitting in front of the cave looks very much like this:  
Previous episodes and character data sheet here.  
All welcome to participate, regardless of whether you've voted in earlier episodes.
darkstar: A point of clarification, following a question in chat:  
If you decide to kill Durk in the wild, you as the party leader would have to do that, yourself. Martelo might be willing to do it, but you know that you'd lose serious respect in the eyes of everyone else if you asked them to dispatch a bound prisoner. Indeed, there is such little interest in killing Durk, that if you did it yourself, you are still likely to lose significant respect in their eyes. Killing bound prisoners is not something that, culturally, you and your friends consider honorable (though you may choose to do it, anyway).  
If you take Durk back to the village, the Elders will likely remand him to the shire Reeve. A magistrate would make a ruling on Durk's participation in pillaging and plundering the village. You believe Durk would almost certainly be found guilty and sentenced to death by hanging.
pdxpogo: Looks could be deceiving but he definately fits the creep factor rather "orc-like" looking fellow. So not really a species I'd parlay with. No one in the troop seems to know this race and disposition so avoiding them seems prudent.  
I'm all for recruiting Durk
pdxpogo: He's a mercenary at heart and he has offered you Bardo's horse. Of course if the horse was stolen and bears a brand the rightful owner may show up and mark you as a theif.  
I'm not big on killing anyone especially someone bound and gagged. Give him some options see where he goes with honest work offered. I don't like the idea of turning back, we need information from Brother Owen.  
Perhaps there is a magic that can be used to find out Durk's true nature. Hie thee to Brother Owen!
AB: I'll second that, but clarify my opinion that we shouldn't let the village be the one to "recruit" him; his services would have to be employed by our party and our party alone, since we'd have no control over the elders' likely decision to gibbet Durk.
I think it's clear that, once Durk is released, he will seek to gain the most profit possible from the situation. Maybe he'll go try to sell Bardo's horse. Maybe he'll run back to Bardo's boss to squeal. Maybe he'll go back into the cave to try and retrieve something we missed that he knows about. Maybe he'll just slink off and we'll never hear from him again. Me, personally? I don't want a loose cannon like that rolling around waiting to screw me up at a critical time.  
I say we take him back to Foxglove and let him face the music. We have bigger issues to deal with.
FoolProof: Werd.
FoolProof: Durk squealing to the boss could be catastrophic for Foxglove. They could find themselves victims of reprisal once the bad guys figure out what happened to Bardo and the rest of the raiders. Not worth the risk of loosing him, if you ask me.  
FoolProof: I suggest taking him to Foxglove and going Gitmo on his ass. Get all the info out of him we can and then let the townspeople have him.