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One or two of you can make periodic forays back to the cave to retrieve loot for the rest of the day, bringing out as much as possible before nightfall.
Interrogate Durk about the cave and the raiders.
Go on your own patrol to investigate the surrounding area.
One or two of you can return to the cave alone to investigate the underwater tunnel. (Explain how.)
Some other creative option? (Please comment.)
A Discreet Withdrawal
darkstar: "Relax, Martelo," you say, a little steel edging your voice. "Not an hour ago, you had your entrails wrapped around that one's spear." You gesture at the dead raider lying beside the captive Durk. "Mistress Faye's right: you're not going to be fighting anymore today."  
Mistress faye exhales loudly. "Well, thank Aldrya for that, anyway." Martelo clenches his jaw, biting back an unspoken retort.  
"We need to set up camp outside the cave," you decide, "in case any raiders return. We don't want to be trapped in here." Dan emphatically nods his approval at this. Aelric is less enthusiastic, though, having expressed his interested in exploring the pool as soon as possible. You clap him on the shoulder reassuringly. "There will be time later to go diving." He nods acceptance and starts gathering his gear.  
Twenty minutes later, having brushed away your tracks and made an effort to remove signs of your presence (except for the three dead raiders) you are heading away. You trek further up the hillside from the cave entrance along a narrow animal path. Mistress Faye is in the lead with her bow at the ready, an arrow notched.  
You are following with your sword sheathed, using your spear to help steady your feet on the incline. Aelric is prodding Durk along. Both Aelric and Durk are wearing extra packs with sacks of loot taken from the cave that had been already packed by the raiders. Dan is guarding the rear, also wearing an extra pack of loot he packed as you were making ready to leave and carrying the small cask of oil. He's clearly struggling under the load.  
About 500 yards further up the hill, out of view of the cave and the path approaching it, you find a pine thicket. In the center of the thicket is a relatively flat clearing in a slight depression, about 20' across. The pine-needle cushioned ground will make for more comfort while the surrounding thicket will screen you from view and muffle any sounds from reaching onlookers.  
Reassured that it's a relatively safe place, your party makes preparations to spend the night here while it's still mid-afternoon and you have plenty of light. There will be no fire tonight, as you don't want to tip off anyone nearby, so there's little to do to prepare. Bedrolls are made ready and rations are brought out for a bite to eat.  
Martelo eases down onto his bedroll, obviously tired from the short hike up the hill. He eats a little, washing it down with some water. Draping one corner of his blanket over his eyes to shield them from the sun, within a few minutes, the stocky young man is asleep.  
After eating a bit, Mistress Faye stands and says "I'm going to take a look around." You nod as she gathers her bow and strides silently into the thicket.  
Aelric binds Durk's ankles tightly to keep the bandit from running and then loosens his wrist bonds slightly. He removes the burlap sack from the raider's head as well as the gag. In low tones, he threatens the raider not to run or he will be cut down. Durk rubs his wrists where the leather cords had begun cutting into his wrists. Aelric gives him a little of his rations and water, then examines the brigand's head wound.  
"Just a knot. You'll be okay," he pronounces. "If you behave yourself, I'll keep the bonds a bit loose for a while. If you try anything," he says, tugging at the cords around the man's ankles, "you won't get far before I put my dagger through your neck. Understand me?" Durk remains silent but nods comprehension.  
You and Dan begin sifting through the loot while Aelric keeps guard on the captive. Durk watches, his greedy eyes glinting as he follows each item drawn out, examined and then set on the ground beside you. Every now and then, the captive glances toward the trees, obviously struggling to decide between greed, fear and freedom.  
*Inventory of the loot from the two burlap sacks and Dan's extra pack is provided in a separate comment, below.
darkstar: Loot withdrawn quickly from the caves:  
Burlap sack 1:  
Large, nice, black woolen cloak (10 gp)  
small silver hand mirror (25 gp)  
silver hair brush (25 gp)  
leather saddlebags, nice (6 gp)  
Vial of ink and quill pen (8 gp)  
silver goblet (25 gp)  
11 bolts for hand crossbow (1 gp)  
Burlap Sack 2:  
1 bullseye lantern (12 gp)  
leather saddlebags, nice (6 gp)  
9'x9' canvas tarp (2 gp)  
3 wheels of Widow Porter's goat cheese (3 sp)  
flint & steel (1 gp)  
5 whetstones (1 sp)  
Dan's extra pack (taken from raider and filled with misc. items):  
100' hemp rope (1 gp)  
2 shortswords w/ scabbards (20 gp)  
4 daggers w/ scabbards (8 gp)  
4 leather beltpouches (4 gp)  
4 waterskins (4 gp)  
36 silver pieces  
121 copper pieces  
silver earring (2 gp)  
silver necklace (5 gp)  
And a small cask of 2.8 gallons of lamp oil (2.2 gp)  
darkstar: Previous episodes and character data sheet here.  
All welcome to participate, regardless of whether you've voted in earlier episodes.
well you can't use wineskins
pdxpogo: as air bladders, the thing is without compressed air human lungs can't function more than 3 or 4 feet under water. Just physics. Oh and when was the last time you tried to drag anything full of air underwater? Essentially it isn't the weight of the air you are dragging down but the weight of the water displaced. That is why things float.  
Exploring the underwater tunnel has promise but we are limited to holding our breath perhaps 2 minutes for well conditioned humans. It might be worth a looksee just to see what we can but wizardry may be needed to do things justice.  
Perhaps we need to finish up looting the cave and get on the way, visit Brother Owen get the required potion. We are spinning our wheels here.
Fluffy: werd.  
I also feel compelled to point out that the loot belongs largely to people that we know back in the village, so before anybody gets attached to the cheese or other junk, we ought to see about returning it to its rightful owners.
dealing with this Durk creature is going to become important here soon as well. I'd like to cut the guy loose, if you know what I mean. Harvesting the contents of his wee brain would be a good preliminary step. After that, he seems like a convenient target for a frame-up.
darkstar: Lets see how long he can hold his breath in the cave pool, with two rocks tied ta his feet.  
FoolProof: Durk...  
How many lights do you see?