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Dan likes your earlier idea to create a distraction outside the cave to draw them out. Some kind of sound that won't alarm the raiders, but would entice maybe a succulent animal? A wild hog, perhaps?
Aelric still thinks you should wait and watch a while. You're in no rush to attack - the raiders will have to come out of the cave in time, anyway. When they do, you can attack them by surprise.
Martelo is still concerned about the risk of waiting and having more raiders arrive. He still wants to take them by surprise. If they've been drinking, they'll be sluggish and easy to take now before they sober up!
Mistress Faye suggests that you could set up an ambush at the latrine. The raiders go there one at a time and you could pick one off, improving your chances a bit.
There is still a possibility of shouting out to the raiders in the cave that they are surrounded and if they do not surrender, they will be killed.
Some other creative option? (please comment below)
Scouting the Cave Surroundings
darkstar: A number of the ideas suggested have merit. You decide to address two of them, at first.  
If Mistress Faye thinks she may be able to learn something from the flora and fauna, it could be a good idea. You're an experienced woodsman, but as a nature priestess, she has insights that you don't. After a quick, whispered conference, she takes her bow and treads softly into the underbrush. She moves even more silently than you! With Dan and Aelric watching the cave entrance and Martelo keeping his eye on the path, you wait for her to return.  
About 30 minutes later, without even a hint of a sound as she passes through the thick underbrush, Mistress Faye returns. She's smiling, obviously having found out something. Your comrades gather around to hear her report.  
"I found a latrine where the raiders have been relieving themselves. Wet urine around it. The tracks lead to and from the cave. The urine and tracks tell me that someone returned from the latrine to the cave within the past two hours. The raider was carrying a spear - he leaned it against a tree for a bit."  
"So, as recently as two or three hours ago," you say," there was a spear-wielding raider in that cave."  
"Yes, and there's more. The small creatures that should be out in the daytime are still avoiding the surrounding area. There has been some kind of disruptive activity around the cave today. The little ones are skittish and lying low."  
"I noticed when we approached the cave," you say, "there were no birds around. Another point confirming that the raiders are here -- or were, recently."  
"Right," she says, smiling. "Unless they left within the hour or two before we got here -- and I think we would have seen or heard them on the path if it had been just before we got here -- then they are still in there."  
"So," whispers Martelo, excitedly, "if they're still in there, let's have at them! They won't expect us to attack now!"  
"Not just yet," you say, trying to cool down the hot-headed apprentice smith. "There's more to this and I don't want anyone to be hurt or killed because we were too hasty. Martelo, you're right about the possibility of other raiders coming to join these...we need you to watch the path. We don't want to be surprised here, trapped between two groups." Martelo sighs impatiently, obviously disappointed at being relegated to lookout role again.  
"I'm going to go check out the debris a bit just to see if there's anything else it can tell us. Dan, Aelric, you two watch and be ready to jump in with your spears if either I or Martelo call out. Mistress Faye, I need you to train your bow on that cave entrance. If you see anyone step out of it, shoot them and give a shout out. I won't be focusing on the cave, so I'll trust you to be my extra eyes." You lay down your spear, the better to move swiftly and stealthily. "I'll be back in a few minutes."  
As the others take up their positions, you ease out of the underbrush and tread softly into the clearing in front of the cave opening. Two ash-filled firepits dominate the center of the area. A quick test shows they are still warm; they've been used today. You step gingerly through the rocky soil, stopping periodically to inspect the trash and debris.  
You find a lot of rubbish that wasn't here two days ago. Broken clay pots, still wet from ale stolen from the village, were obviously emptied today. Burlap sacks that were used to hold turnips and oats, their contents recently dumped and scattered out on the ground. A few ragged, dusty bedrolls, sliced up by several knife cuts and partially turned inside out. Fresh tracks are all over these items. A few minutes of inspection is not enough to construct a narrative, but it does confirm your suspicions.  
You return quietly to your comrades and tell them what you've seen. "It appears the remaining raiders are rooting and searching through everything that was left, maybe looking for whatever valuables might have been stashed by their friends. They also drank what's left of their stolen ale. Without Bardo to restrain them, I guess they decided to have at it. They've dumped a lot of food, too, so they probably don't plan on staying here a long time...if they're still here at all."  
You consider what you've learned and, after considering your options, you decide to...
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I choose option #4
FoolProof: I actually thought of it before I read the options and thought it would be an original idea. Oh well. :)  
The latrine would be perfect. If they've greedily gotten into the mead, they'll have to pee eventually. We can take 'em out one by one, quiet like, until they get suspicious. I suggest having Mistress Faye watch the cave entrance with her bow and shoot down the first man that comes out with the intention of looking for the others - especially if more than one brigand comes out. We'd like to maintain numerical advantage once this becomes a face to face fight.
Fluffy: I'm down with the latrine idea, but let's try to capture on of them alive rather than killing him off. We want to clear out the threat, but we're also out here to get information. These guys may be low-level thugs, but it seems important to know at least as much as a low-level thug before moving on from here.  
So stake out the latrine, trap (a ranger and a druid should be able to manage to set a good man-trap) the first guy who comes out to water the grass, and take it from there. We get information and reduce their numbers. We may even be able to trap more than one if the guy's buddies come looking for him after he's missing for a while.
FoolProof: I say we kill the ones at the latrine and question the last one breathing once we rush the rest of 'em. We don't want them to hear us wrestling with the guy or anything.
well, that might not be a bad thing, actually. It would be better to fight them out in the open than to try to siege a cave.
FoolProof: I don't know about that. If we press them into the cave, there's no escape and no surrounding us. Also, depending on the size of the cave, we can get the maximum effect from our limited numbers.
Right, but the problem is, since they're in the cave, we don't know a thing about it, and we'd be guessing when setting up the attack. At the latrine, we can get as much information as we need and adapt to what is there visible to us rather than to some imagined set of conditions.
Fluffy: *acknowledging that the whole thing is imaginary*