When preparing a document, I:
Posted by PAgent 12 years ago, closed 12 years ago
Do all my editing on the computer screen.
Have to print it out and proofread a hardcopy.
vinfille: ...a little of both, depending on what it is. If there are graphics or tables included, I often print it out to make sure it looks the way I want it to. Also, if it's a really long paper that I've been working on until my eyes are jumping, I usually proof a hard copy to get a break from the computer screen. (Not to mention the satisfaction of scribbling all over the paper.)
darkstar: ditto
pneum0nic: you ditto it, too?
DodgyKnees the Cynic: As much on-screen editing as possible, then print & proof-read. The belt & braces approach.  
Nice Ditto Machine link by the way, I've learned something today, thanks.
pneum0nic: I love how it's called a 'Spirit Duplicator!'
PAgent: I had to use one of those f*ckers in grad school to print quizzes. Because a photocopier would be "too expensive". Damn thing would take your thumb off if you weren't paying attention. And the smell still gives me flashbacks.
pneum0nic: when we got handouts 'fresh off the presses' in grade school, we would all immediately hold the warm, slightly damp pages up to our noses, inhaling deeply. Nobody ever suggested this, we just all did it...
FoolProof: Weird.